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Flashback: Jim is all dressed up, flowers in hand, walking up the stairs to Lee's home about to ring the doorbell when he hears her laughter through a window. He looks and sees her with someone...a new boyfriend.

Six months later, in dark and dingy Gotham, something or someone is trying to rob a pharmacy. It could be proto Killer Croc looking for medicine of some sort when he throws the pharmacist out the window. Jim is there to greet the thing and a fight ensues, but the only thing that can take this monster down is the huge truck that smashes it to bits when it decides to stand in the middle of the street.

Barnes and Mayor James are holding a press conference about the Indian Hill escapees when Valerie Vale starts asking tough questions. Jim and Bullock are upstairs talking. Bullock is trying to convince Jim to come back to the GCPD, but Jim declines. Lucius shows up. He's now a scientific expert for the GCPD. He gives Bullock some information on what the monster was trying to find at the pharmacy. Jim tells Bullock if they find a lead, he'll bring the monsters in.

Back on the floor, Vale continues to ask questions when Penguin charges in accusing Barnes and James of lying. He tells the press information about Fish Mooney. As he leaves he runs into Jim who tells him Penguin hasn't made it worth his while to find Mooney.

Penguin visits Barbara and Tabitha's new club, the Sirens. He wants to know if they will take his offer of protection, but Babs says she'll think about it. Butch is all googly-eyed at Tabitha and Penguin sends him away. He tells Barbara to spread the word that he'll pay one million dollars to anyone who brings Fish Mooney to him, dead or alive. Butch is at the bar drinking when Selina shows up and steals his wallet.

Selina is walking through the alley when Ivy shows up. Ivy wants to know what secret stuff Selina is working on, but she won't tell her. Selina sees a kid digging through the trash and gives him money, but doesn't see his face. It's Doppelganger Bruce.

Bruce and Alfred come home from their trip to Switzerland. Bruce is feeling guilty for leaving. Alfred tries to set his mind at ease.

Jim is at a bar when Vale shows up. She asks him a bunch of questions about Penguin and whether what he said was true. Jim tells her Penguin is a "liar and murderer." As she leaves she tells him about the bounty on Mooney's head.

Penguin is visiting Nygma at Arkham. He brought a puzzle that Nygma solves in 30 seconds. Nygma doesn't  understand why Penguin is being so nice to him and Penguin explains that visiting Nygma gives him a reprieve from his worries about Mooney and why she didn't kill him when she had the chance. Nygma offers an answer and gives Penguin an origami Penguin.

Fish, Selina, and some minions show up at a pharmacy warehouse. Marv (the anti fountain of youth) kills one guy. Fish makes another knock himself out. Jim shows up, but doesn't fall for her tricks. He gets accosted by Man-Bat who flees before he gets a chance to take him down.

At Wayne Enterprises, Bruce talks to the board about the secret society he believes is behind the Indian Hill experiments. He gives the board an ultimatum that if he doesn't get to meet with the organization, he will go to the press.

The Court of Owls lady gets a phone call from a board member telling her about the meeting. She orders Talon to take Bruce Wayne down quietly.

Barbara is looking over the day's receipts when a boss and his goons show up telling her that her club is his now. She laughs in his face while Tabitha slices the goons' necks and Barbara beats up the boss.

Selina finds Vale and tells her she has information on Mooney. Vale finds Jim and strikes a bargain with him to get her information and she'll give him information. He finds out where Peabody lives from Bullock, but instead of giving the info to Vale, he handcuffs her to his car and takes off.

Bruce visits Selina on the pigeon roof. She's not happy with him. They have a little bit of a lovers' spat and she leaves. Bruce's doppelganger witnesses the whole thing.

Gordon gets to Peabody's place, but he's followed by some of Mooney's minions. They beat up Jim and take Peabody. The Man-Bat shows up and tries to escape out the window but Jim catches and handcuffs him, but not before Vale (who somehow escaped Jim's cuffs and found Peabody's location) takes a picture.

Barnes is upset about Peabody and lets Jim and Bullock know, ordering them to find her. Bullock tells Jim to stay away after Jim offers to help.

Valerie finds Jim at the GCPD wanting to know if he knew she was being played. He says yes and she's upset he didn't tell her.

Ivy is on the roof asking Selina questions about what she's doing, but Selina is being evasive. Selina leaves and Doppelganger Bruce tries to talk to Ivy, but she is freaked out and leaves.

Penguin is trying to solve the boss matter at Sirens. Barbara tells him she thinks Butch set the whole thing up to try to win Tabitha back. Penguin sort of believes it and shoots the boss guy in the head.

Fish is asking Peabody about what's happening to them to make them sick. She also wants to know where Strange is. Peabody tells her then Marve works his magic on her. 

Proto Bane (the chick in the leather) has Ivy which she says is a spy. Selina tries to convince Fish that Ivy is a friend, but Fish won't hear it and sends Marv after her. Ivy gets away and runs, but she's chased by Marve and Proto Bane. There's no place to run except for water pipes, but Marv gets hold of Ivy until she breaks free and jumps into the water.

Jim is at the bar drinking and looking at a pic of Lee; GCPD cops are gearing up to go after Fish; Vale is in her darkroom developing the pic of Man-Bat.

At Wayne Manor, Talon shows up and fights with Alfred before taking Bruce.


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This isn't the first time a bounty hunter has apprehended an excapee. Is the GCPD incapable of handling this threat themselves?

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Any chance you want to go quietly?