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Bruce is meeting with Catherine from the Court of Owls and makes a deal for her not to harm any of his friends or family in exchange for stopping his investigation into his parents' murder and into the Court.

Valerie visits Jim at his place. She wants a story about Fish, but needs his help finding her. She tells him her source is Selina, but she doesn't know where she is, so they visit Barbara who gives them information. Vale tells Jim she lied and is going to the cops so they can capture Fish.

Ivy is washed up at the shore, but she's different now. A trucker takes her home to get cleaned up.

The cops raid the bank and find Fish and friends who take off after a moment. 

Penguin is holding a press conference telling the people of Gotham to find and kill the monsters, especially Fish Mooney.

Alfred wakes up Bruce and he tells him what happened at the Court.

Gordon is at the police station and Lucius shows him Peabody's body and they figure out Fish is going after Strange.

Harvey is kidnapped by Fish and he tells her where to find Strange.

Ivy waters the guy's plants, because they are dying. He tells her there are some clothes upstairs his wife left behind she can change into.

Gordon and Lucius are trying to convince Barnes that Bullock was kidnapped. Barnes finally listens and sends cops to the house where Strange is being kept.

Fish and Bullock arrive at the house and greet Strange. She tells him he is going to fix her then create an army for her just like her so she can take over Gotham.

Jim shows up and offers to help her escape if she lets Bullock go. The cops have surrounded the place.

Penguin is watching on TV and decides to go where the action is.

Jim calls Pengin offering Fish and tells him to incite the crowd so Fish can sneak out the back.

The crowd storms the house and kills Sid and the leather clad woman while Penguin is waiting in the back for Fish. He confronts her, but lets her and Strange go when she tells him he was her greatest creation.

At Wayne Manor, Alfred and Bruce talk about what Bruce will do with all his free time.

Vale visits Jim and they kiss.


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Gotham Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

You cannot give someone what they already possess.


Is that why you're here Bruce? To ask questions you already know the anwers to?