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The GCPD show up at Arkham to get Jim. Right before they are to flash bomb the gates, Jim #2 shows up. The real Jim Gordon is still trapped in Indian Hill.

Nygma is taunting Bruce and Lucius and decides to play a trivia game. They'll live if they answer the question right.

Professor Strange visits the real Jim Gordon. He gives him a shot of truth serum to see what he knows about Indian Hill. After he gets the answer he desires (which is nothing), he does some hypnotherapy on Jim and absolves him from all his guilt feelings. Then he tells him nobody's coming to save him and leaves.

Jim #2 is at the GCPD. He's obviously not himself. Bullock seems suspicious, but he's pretty much oblivious. 

Bruce answers Nygma's question correctly, but Nygma throws out another question: Who runs Wayne Enterprises.

In Indian Hill's basement, Ms. Peabody is moving the monsters out. The worst ones first. Fish is in her cell and she's trying to grab hold of Peabody through the food slot. She misses, but then engages Peabody in a verbal war. Ms. Peabody gives her the business and leaves.

Butch and Babs are at Penguin's place. He's trying to find a great place for Grace's head which is now on a pedestal. Butch is creeped out, but Babs finds the perfect place by a window.

After Strange absolves Jim of his guilt, he starts asking more questions about Gotham and the people in control behind the scenes.

Bruce and Lucius answer wrongly and Nygma starts the poison gas. Lucius shakes Bruce's hand before they both go down.

A little bit later, they wake up in the chamber where Jim is tied up. Jim tells them everything and then apologizes to Bruce for not doing what he promised.

Nygma and Strange are walking down a hallway. Strange thanks him for his help and then locks him back up.

The Court of Owls lady tells Strange to kill the prisoners and blow up Indian Hill.

Gordon is acting even more bizarre and Bullock still doesn't get it. Alfred shows up. He thinks something's off, but does nothing.

Selina is brought into Bruce's cell. She tells them about the bomb and how she is Firefly's assistant. Bruce wants her to save herself.

The monsters are being moved. Peabody goes into Mooney's cell to give her a sedative, but Fish grabs her and her magic spell stuff gives her control of Peabody. She wants Peabody to get her out.

Strange is gathering his things when he comes across Fish. He's amazed at Fish, but has no time to revel in the success. He takes off. All the other monsters are on the bus, and Fish is ready to go, but Strange locks down the facility and puts thirty minutes on the bomb clock.

Bullock still has a brain freeze. Babs shows up and Jim is entranced. Babs figures out Jim is not really Jim and that puts the GCPD in motion to go to Arkham. Babs calls Penguin to tell him what's going on.

Strange wants Victor to kill Selina, but Firefly won't have it. A fire'/ice shootout ensues.  Selina  frees Jim and the others. They end up where the firefight is still going on. Strange gets caught up in it and is stunned. 

Bullock sends people to Indian Hill.

Jim wakes Strange up and tries to find out information about the bomb. Strange is useless. He and Lucius take off for the basement. They grab Nygma who in the course of getting the elevator to work, deactivates the lockdown. Fish and the bus full of monsters are free to go.

Jim and Lucius are trying to figure out how to defuse the bomb when Peabody shows up asking for water. Jim thinks she means to put water on the bomb and does so which deactivates it, but she really wanted water.

Fish is zooming through Gotham on the bus. Strange is arrested. Nygma is still trapped in his cell. Bullock greets the real Jim Gordon and is sending his cops after the bus. He's dumbfounded when Jim tells him monsters are on the bus.

The cops chase Fish, but it comes to an end when Butch stops everything with a round machine gun. Penguin thinks Strange is on the bus and walks towards it when Fish shows up behind him. He promptly passes out (or maybe her touch killed him) and Butch and friends take off. 

Jim decides he needs to find Lee and tells Alfred that the city is in good hands with Bullock. He takes Bullock's car and leaves.

A little old lady is walking down the deserted street where the bus is. She hears the cries and lets the monsters out. It's fuzzy when the monsters leave. Jerome's laugh is audible and at the end a Bruce clone with long hair thanks the lady for letting them out.

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