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An old lady enters the bank and wants her money NOW! She's given her money. The citizens of Gotham have gone crazy. There's a burning train, people are smashing things.

The GCPD is doing its best but it can't deal with the crazies.

Jim is in the bathroom trying to defeat the virus. Bullock comes in and asks for Jim's gun. He still wants his help but not Jim with a gun. Jim hands it over. 

Bruce is in a holding cell. He's not talking. Jim and Bullock ask Alfred about him. He knows he's brainwashed and wants to talk to him. Bullock thinks he's pissed off. Lucius grabs Harvey. he tells him there is an antidote...that Strange was working on an antidote for the Court.

Jim and Harvey go after Strange. Lucius tells Harvey the virus is accelerated.

Strange is at the bus station and runs into Fish.They take him.

Riddler and Barbara talk about taking over and consolidating power. Riddler doesn't want to run the city. He only wants to kill Penguin.She makes a deal with him.

Fish is still in the bus station with Strange. He wants to know where the rest of the virus is and wants him to make the army. She still wants to run the city. 

At the station, Bullock gets a phone call from Lee for Jim. She tries to tell him not to fight the virus. She wants him to listen to the whispers and give in while she goes and has some fun. She's drinking a lot too. His whispers tell him that he's a killer.

Bullock tells him someone saw Strange and gives Jim his gun back. Harvey and Jim find Fish in the tunnel. Strange tells Fish he has the virus. She learns there's a cure and asks Strange about it and refuses to give him up. They're about to shoot Fish when Mr. Freeze shows up. Jim breaks a water pipe to protect them as it freezes around them. Fish, Freeze and the rest take off.

Alfred tries talking to Bruce but Bruce has no interest in talking to him. He sees Alfred as an enemy. Alfred tries to unbrainwash him. Bruce talks about the "one who is to come." Alfred asks him about it but doesn't answer.

Firefly and Freeze want to kill Strange but Penguin stops them. Strange is surprised that Penguin is working with Fish. He tells Strange that he is going to help build freaks that will run the city. He wants to know where the antidote is but Strange isn't giving it up. He has a torture device that he's going to use on him unless he tells him. Strange says he'll tell him but Oswald tortures him with the same device Strange tortured him with at Arkham.

Jim tries breaking out of the ice cave by giving in to the virus. He creates an opening. They leave and Jim tears off Bullock's car door. Bullock tells him to fight the virus.

Alvarez is back and has the virus as well and kills another officer.

Alfred is still trying to talk Bruce out of his brainwashing. They talk about what's real and what's not real. Alfred tells Bruce he loves him and begs him to return to him. Alfred hears the crazy outside and intervenes but is beaten up by Alvarez. Lucius saves Alfred from being shot. When Alfred gets back to the room, Bruce is gone.

Butch talks to Tabitha about leaving Barbara when Lee shows up. Lee beats up Butch and demands to know where Barbara is. She leaves a message with Tabitha for her that she's going to kill her when she finds her.

Bruce is walking through the city and sees all the chaos. Lucius and Alfred are following him. 

Strange is taking Fish and the team to where he says he hid the antidote. There's enough virus to cure every infected person in Gotham. Fish tells Penguin they'll rule the city together. Penguin says he needs to kill Nygma. fish comes out and finds her guards shot.  It's the League of Shadows. They want the antidote. She sends Firefly and Freeze after them.

Bullock and Jim are driving to the warehouse where Fish is at.

Penguin and Strange are hiding. Jim and Bullock come upon the scene. Jim starts fighting the League. Jim in all his fury accidentally kills Fish who drops the antidote. Only one vial is saved. She tells him to take control of the city before she dies. This time for good. Penguin goes after Jim and almost kills him before Harvey knocks Jim out. The cops come in and arrest everyone. Strange says he can make more virus but he needs one thing.

Barbara and Riddler grab Tetch who is the element who can help create the antidote. Riddler knows Fish is dead and that Strange is setting up a lab at the GCPD to make more antitode. That's why they kidnapped Tetch.

Bruce finds the "Demon's Head" and goes inside to where the Shaman told him to.  Bruce goes to a secret cavern. Someone is in there with him. Alfred goes into the Chinese place but Bruce is gone. He sends Lucius to tell Bullock where they're at.

Bruce runs into League of Shadows members who point him in the right direction of where to go. Bruce enters a room and finds the Lazarus Pit and Ra's al Ghul. who will complete Bruce's training. 

Ra's talks about his history and that he's looking for a true heir. Alfred is brought into the room by the League. Ra's wants Bruce to kill Alfred with his sword. Alfred tries to talk him out of it. he keeps talking to try to prevent his death. Bruce just listens with the sword at Alfred's throat. Alfred tells him he'd do anything for him and if he needs to kill him then do it. AND HE DOES. BRUCE KILLS ALFRED!





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Gotham Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

There he is, the real James Gordon. Nice to meet you at last.


Lee: Where's Babs?
Butch: What do you want with her?
Lee: None of your business, errand boy.
Butch: I'm sorry. What did you call me?
Lee: I'm sorry, you're not an errand boy. You're more of a shoe shine boy. They should give you a little stand in the front, a cute little hat. That's more your speed.