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Chaos reigns in the GCPD. Jim and Bullock try to take down some of the crazy people with no success. They're asking about Jerome, but there is just chaos.

Penguin at the warehouse calling out for Nygma. He shows up. Penguin runs up to hug them.  Nygma kills Penguin's bodyguards. He shows him Isabella's cars then punches him down.

The Court of Owls Catherine is with another guy talking about the chaos below.

Jim is getting everything happening in the city. Lights won't come on until the next day.

Nygma is tying Penguin to Isabella's car. Penguin learns that Nygma was the ghost and stole his dad's remains and put him in a dumpster.

Penguin tells Nygma that he would have killed Isabella anyway. Then Penguin admits he loves him. He's going to pour acid all over Penguin to kill him via an elaborate trap. Nygma leaves Penguin.

Jim asks Lee questions about Jerome. She's being nasty then tells him about Bruce. 

Jim is trying to call Bruce, but Jerome has already broken into the house with a bunch of cronies. They knock out Alfred, but he's okay.

Jerome destroys the Court of Owls owls and then tells Bruce he's going to kill him because that's the laast thing he remembers.

Bruce manipulates Jerome tells him what a disappointment to kill him in Wayne Manor instead of doing it in a showman's way. With an audience.

Jerome realizes he's trying to buy time, but still likes the idea. They take Bruce and leave Alfred. Alfred tells Bruce this is what we trained for.

Acid is starting to come out of the vat. A policeman comes in and finds him. He frees Penguin just in time.

Jim arrives at Wayne Manor and a gunfight erupts. Jim and Alfred win.

Jerome and the crazies arrive at the Boardwalk Circus with Bruce.

Bruce witnesses all sorts of crazy stuff happening to the innocent people of Gotham by Jerome's cronies.

They paint Bruce up like a clown. Jerome kills one of his cronies and paints Bruce's face with the blood of the guy.

Penguin shows up at home and Tabitha and Butch are there. Butch threatens him and Tabitha goes off on Penguin and brings up stabbing his mother and Penguin doing nothing about it. Butch knocks him out.

So how does the circus have power if power is out in the rest of the city?

Bruce is being very Batman like. It's awesome.

Bruce tries to prevent a guy from getting eaten by piranhas, but isn't able to do it. Part of Jerome's face falls off and he restaples it then staples Bruce's hand.

Jerome is in main ring...as Circus Master. Bruce is brought in tied to a pole.

Bullloc, Alfred, and Jim arrive at the circus. Jim starts shooting off his gun as the strike force arrives. Chaos everywhere. Again. But Jerome is able to light the canon aimed at Bruce who uses the staple from his hand to unlock the handcuffs and escapes.

Penguin is being held by Barbara. Penguin figures out their plan.

Barbara wants Penguin to help them find Nygma or she'll kill him.

Bruce runs into the funhouse of mirrors and Jerome chases after him. Bruce shows himself in the mirror. LIttle Batman has arrived.

Barbara orders Penguin to call Nygma.

Penguin has an epiphany about his love for Ed. It's another trick by the gang. Ed shows up and Penguin still grovels and begs. OMG. C'mon Penguin. GROW SOME BALLS.  Ed is now confused about killing Penguin.

Bruce thinks Jerome's gang killed Alfred.  Bruce comes out fighting. Bruce is about to kill Jerome then looks in the mirror and sees himself. Jerome eggs him on, but doesn't do it. He has his Batman epiphany.  Bruce comes out of the funhouse and sees Alfred.

Jerome comes out and fights Jim. Jim knocks off Jerome's stapled on face. Jerome is arrested and apparently sent to Arkham.

The sun rises in Gotham and things come back to normal.

Alfred is tending to Bruce at Wayne Manor. 

Catherine is talking with the guy. Bruce's doppleganger is there. No one refuses the court.

Jim is at his apartment drinking. Uncle Frank is the woman with Catherine. He shows up at Jim's door.

Nygma is at the pier, ready to kill Penguin. I created Edward Nygma.

Nygma shoots Penguin and pushes him into the water. Blood everywhere, but he's still alive as he fades into the water.


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