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Penguin and Ivy find Mr. Freeze's lair. Penguin talks him into joining his army to retake Gotham. They've brought his suit.

Kathryn meets with Jim and wants to know if he holds them responsible for his father's death. They want Jim to prove his loyalty to the Court.

Lee gives Harvey pics of Frank's body. He has no reaction when Jim finds out about Frank. Lee knows something is up. When Lee leaves he tells Bullock what happened. 

Barbara visits with The Riddler to talk about the Court even though she doesn't know they are called the Court. She tells him about the shipment at dock 9c. She says the shipment was moved. He promises to help her find out who the secret organization is.

The Riddler shows up at a play and kills Hamlet while demanding from the audience they tell him who the secret organization is.

Bruce 2 is playing chess with Alfred. Alfred knows something is going on. He tells Bruce he hasn't been himself these past few days.

Bruce 2's nose starts bleeding and he calls the Court to let them know.

Bullock and Jim are on the scene at the theater where The Riddler left a box with a note with a riddle on it. The Riddler is going to kidnap Aubrey James.

Tabitha doesn't like the idea of Nygma helping with their cause. He shows up with his plan to kidnap James.  Barbara doesn't understand The Riddler's game of embarrassing the GCPD. He asks Barbara for help.

Bullock and Jim are at James' office when they realize he's been hit by The Riddler.

Penguin is visiting Firefly trying to convince her to join their army. She agrees.

Bruce 2 goes into the Court to have the doctor check on him. He knows he's dying. He asks about Gotham soon to be destruction. Kathryn want to know if he's on board. Bruce 2 agrees.

James is taken to the hospital. Nygma already is there and Jim goes to the communications room. He wants to know who runs Gotham. Jim calls Bullock. The biker bar bomb causes chaos at the hospital. Nygma takes James hostage.

Jim visits The Sirens and wants to know where Barbara is but they have no information.

Barbara and The Riddler are questioning James about the Court. He spills the beans.

The Riddler has a plan to expose the Court. Tabitha tells Barbara that Jim knows everything.

Bruce 2 visits Selina. She realizes something is wrong with him. He tells her he's not Bruce. 

Lee confronts Jim about Frank's autopsy.

The Riddler has left the GCPD another riddle. The Riddler is on television. Kathryn is not happy and calls Jim. She wants him to capture The Riddler and bring him to them.

Jim calls The Riddler and tells him to come to the GCPD and he'll tell him everything. Nygma demands the GCPD be emptied. James shows up with a bomb on his necks. The Riddler follows. 

The Riddler was going to blow up James but Tabitha called Jim and told him how to disarm the bomb. Jim tries to convince Nygma to let James go. He does and they go for a ride.

Bruce 2 had told Selina his story. She finds the whole thing ridiculous. He wants her to leave the city.  She wants to know where Bruce is. 

She wants to tell Alfred all about Bruce 2, but he won't let her. She insults him and he throws her out the window. Killing her? It's unclear.

Jim and Nygma are sitting in the car talking. Kathryn shows up with a talon. Nygma gets out of the car to meet her. They take him away. 

Barbara and Tabitha have a tiff. Butch gloats about it.

Penguin and his army arrive at his home. 

Cats converge on Selina's body.

Kathryn brings Jim into the Court as it's newest member. He puts on the mask. 

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Gotham Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

You gave me a purpose. That's more than what most people can say.

Bruce 2

I'll allow you to call me Ed because we have a history, but my name is...The Riddler.

The Riddler