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Ed is talking to Lee at the fight club. He wants her to help him get his brains back, but he won't.

Sofia is working her magic on Penguin.  Jim is watching. When Penguin leaves, he confronts her.

A cop investigates a noise in a dark alley after giving take money to another cop. There's a cat in a hallway and when he bends down Pyg is behind him and kills him. Jim is sent to investigate with Bullock.

The dead cop has a pig mask on him. Jim goes to see Penguin about the dead cop. 

Pyg works on another mask.

Jim and Bullock question a suspect about the dead cop. Perp tells them about Professor Pyg.

Sofia doesn't show up to lunch with Penguin.

Grundy engages in his first fight and wins.

Harvey and Jim find a lead and head over to question them, but they find two more dead cops with Pyg's heads.

Lee is fixing up Grundy and asks him what happened to him.

Ed follows Lee and finds she's running a clinic in her apartment.  Zsasz is following Sofia and sees having meetings with guys in suits.

Jim is looking for the 4th cop on the take.

Pyg takes another cop into his custody.

Zsasz tells Penguin about Sofia.

Ed tries to blackmail Lee and fails because he's just not smart anymore.

Jim and Bullock go looking for Pyg and find a cop tied up and still alive but when they try to untie him he blows up. Message sent. 

Jim and Bullock are knocked out. Jim is tied up and Pyg talks to him, telling him he's wasting his time with Bullock. Pyg tells him he's safe because he's a good cop.

They're talking when Bullock screams out. Pyg leaves, Jim tries to get out of his restraints and he finds a way.

Pyg is going to slice bullocks throat. Jim gets there, but Pyg slits Bullock's throat before running away.

Lee is running out of drugs. 

Penguin goes to sofia's place to confront her about not showing up to lunch. He goes with her to her secret place and finds she was creating an orphanage.

Jim finds out that Bullock was the other guy in Penguin's pocketbook.

Lee agrees to form an alliance with Ed. Ed is drinking Grasshopper's is the greatest thing ever.

Pyg is in a pig pen. he's still at large.










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Gotham Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Penguin: This isn't easy for me. To have someone I can trust. A real friend.
Sofia: You can trust me.

Ed: You, Dr. Leslie Thomkins, you can fix me.
Lee: You want me to fix you? You really are dumb.