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Jim is looking for Bullock at a whorehouse. A group of kids comes across a new and transformed Ivy. Alfred is being followed by a group of thugs in the Narrows. Lee is giving the people of the Narrows a lecture about being better.

Ivy shows off her new skills breaking a guy's arm. Jim comes to Alfred's rescue underneath a bridge in the Narrows and learns Bruce fired him.

A bomb goes off in the building where Lee is, right near Jim and he and Alfred help people out. Ivy is responsible for the bomb? Confusing. Jim doesn't run into Lee or Ed.

Ed wants Lee to do something about whoever tried to bomb them. Grundy realizes he's really Butch Gilzean.

Lucius and Jim are on the case to find the maker of the toy airplane bomb. They get attacked at the toy shop which is really bizarre. The dad escapes and they question the son.

Ivy breaks into a house and takes an elaborate dress.Ivy doesn't remember much but when she sees a commercial for Sirens club she recognizes the girls and decides that she hated them once.

Alfred walks the waitress from the diner to her car and tells her his story. When he punches the girl's boyfriend out he loses his ring. The guy picks it up.

The guy Ivy killed is in the morgue and Lucius is on the scene.

Ivy visits the Sirens Club. Bruce is there making a ruckus when Selina has to tell him to tone it down. He tells Selina he fired Alfred.

Jim visits Barbara. He's asking questions about "The Doc."

The girlfriend is dead having been killed by the boyfriend, but he's blaming Alfred for it. They find Alfred's ring on the scene. Alfred tells Jim his side of the story. Alfred is losing it. He escapes before they can take him into custody.

Butch finds Tabitha and they reconnect.Jim shows up at Cherry's where Nygma introduces The Doc. She sees Jim as she walks down the stairs. She gives her speech about a United Narrows. Ed talks to Jim. When she is done she comes to talk to Jim. Jim takes a look around when Ed sees the toy guy and he chases after him but the guy gets one up on him.

Alfred goes after Tiffany's boyfriend and is beat up by thugs but Bullock comes to his rescue.

Selina breaks into the black where Ivy is holed up and shows her the new powers. There is an antidote to the new poison. Ivy wants her and Selina to work together.

Ed learns that he hired the toy maker to kill Lee. He hired him as The Riddler. Jim shows up and kills him before learning who hired him. Ed is off the hook -- for now.

Jim finds Bullock and Alfred at the bar. Bullock figures out that Jim wants to confess something but he isn't interested and tells him to leave.




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Gotham Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Firing Alfred? What are you trying to prove?


You are living in a prison of your own construction.