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Nygma and Grundy make fun of Penguin in the ring. Lee is watching from the sidelines, drinking. She warns Nygma about pissing Penguin off. As Grundy is getting beat up in the ring, he starts having flashbacks. Then he gets his groove on and beats the guy to death.

Jim gets a promotion to Captain of the GCPD because of Bullock's debacle in the Narrows. He's not too keen on the idea.

The accountant tells Penguin he's getting made fun of in the Narrows. The Sirens are there to hear it. Penguin wants them to go to the Narrows to get Ed.

He sets Firefly on the Sirens if they don't get the job done.

The Sirens watch Ed's act.(Babs has a gold gun BTW). They get their first look at Grundy. Tabitha is super excited about Butch while Babs sees Lee and goes to talk to her.

Lucius tells Bullock and Jim that there is no evidence of Pyg in the crimes.

Penguin talks to Sofia about Ed. She tries to get him a hobby like chickens like her father had. He needs an interest outside the business. Penguin offers advice to a little boy. 

Tabitha hugs Grundy. He has no idea who she is. Babs talks with Lee. Toodles poodle. Lee figures out there is a kidnapping about to take place and goes to save Ed, but Selina beats her there and knocks him out.

Jim shares the captain news with Sofia.It was Sofia's idea to make Jim captain. He still doesn't want to do it, but she knows he will.

Penguin teaches the boy some lessons about revenge.

Confrontation between the Sirens, Lee and Ed and Grundy. They decide to settle it in the ring whether to let the Sirens take Ed to Penguin.

Tabitha is going to take on Grundy. Tigress versus Butch. Grundy has flashbacks while fighting her. She knocks him out. Ed goes with Sirens.

Jim is at the bar waiting for Bullock Bullock doesn't show up but left the bullet box for Jim to give out the bullets.

Firefly shows up at the fight club. Grundy doesn't like fire. Lee shoots Firefly and calls out Cherry. Babs shoots Cherry dead. The Sirens end up without Ed. Lee watches everything.

Bullock is drinking in his office when Jim comes in. Jim tells Bullock he made a mistake by not going to the bar. Jim takes over as captain. Wow. He removes Bullock from office. Just Wow. Bullock is not happy. The rift between them is large.

Penguin is showing the boy how to use a knife.The accountant tells him the news about the Sirens and Firefly and Jim.

Lee takes a look at Penguin. Lee is the new leader of the fight club. 

Jim tells Sofia to leave Gotham. She refuses. 



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Gotham Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

No one appreciates how hard it is to be a crime lord.


Your "swag" might as well have been a lollipop in a baby's hand.