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Proto Harley Quinn comes to a Jerome memorial with a message. He wants the people gathered to dig him up.

Jim interrogates Lee. He wants to help her by turning in Nygma to get her a reduced sentence. They argue.

Lucius and Bullock interrupt. Jerome has sent a package to the GCPD that contains a video with his Last Will and Testament. He wants Jim to throw him a wake at the GCPD. 

The crowd of crazies show up at the GCPD. The GCPD goes on lock down.

A group of people in the Narrows are talking to Riddler about breaking Lee out. They put together a plan.

Jim calls Alfred who tells him that Bruce is meeting with Jeremiah Valeska.

The crazies are trying to break into the GCPD with Jerome's coffin. Jim orders the armory to be open. He comes up with a plan to combat the crazies.

Bruce is meeting with Jeremiah about a generator he's developed. Jeremiah shows Bruce a journal Jerome kept. He wants Jeremiah to come out of his bunker and join the real world.

Bruce gets a call from Alfred about Jerome and he tells Jeremiah who proceeds to freak out.

Someone breaks into Wayne Manor. Something happens that we can't see with Alfred.

Jeremiah tells Bruce he got sprayed with Jerome's insanity gas. Bruce wants to take Jeremiah to Jerome's grave to prove that Jerome is really dead.

Jim tries to get Lee out of the GCPD. She wants him to go to the Narrows. The crazies break in. The GCPD becomes a madhouse. Lee gets thrown against the wall and is knocked out.

A few of the crazies corner Jim in the bathroom. Bullock zaps the guys from behind saving Jim.

Bruce can't get hold of Alfred. There is blood all over the floor at Wayne Manor. Bruce and Jeremiah are at the cemetery and come upon Jerome's grave. Jeremiah freaks out and starts running away. Bruce chases after him.

Penguin and Butch are watching cartoons. They are arguing. They see a news report about the GCPD being overrun by the crazies. Penguin and Butch go down there.

Jim heads to Jeremiah's bunker. One of the crazies told Jim that Bruce and Jeremiah was dead.

Riddler and gang arrive at the GCPD to free Lee.

Penguin and Bruce arrive on the scene.

Lee wakes up. She's disoriented and is in the middle of the chaos inside the GCPD.

Bruce is looking for Jeremiah but he's hiding. They're in a crypt.  Jeremiah thinks Bruce is Jerome and starts shooting at him.

Riddler is in the GCPD dressed as a clown looking for Lee. She knocks him out not knowing who he is then realizes its' Ed.

Jim is in the bunker looking for Jeremiah and Bruce when the TV comes on.

Jermoe has a message for Jim. Harley shows up. At the cemetery there's a dead Jerome leaning against a grave. Jeremiah still doesn't believe Bruce is Bruce. He gets a knife and tries to kill Bruce again. Jim fights with Harley. It's Echo.

On TV someone is choking Jerome. It's Jerome.who starts peeling off his face.Jeremiah is crazy. He's always been behind the crazy of Jerome.

A bomb goes off at the bunker with Jim inside.

Penguin and Butch are questioning one of Jerome's crazies.

Ed wakes up. He and Lee escape. And they kiss again under the stairwell.

Jeremiah and Echo break into Wayne labs. He's going to take all the bombs and blow up the city.





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Gotham Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Lee: Jim, you wish you could do what I'm doing. Helping people without the straightjacket of the law? As if the law means anything in Gotham.
Jim: If the law has lost its meaning, it's because people like you are turning your back on it.

Well, you finally nabbed me, Copper.