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Martin is back and he's getting instructions on his paper from Penguin. He turns on the gas and it explodes when a firecracker is sent in. Riddler shows up to take the boy for Penguin.

Sampson is sending a message in the Narrows by killing and beating people up. Lee is there and witnesses the chaos. Jim tells Bullock about Sofia. He gives Harvey his badge back. Harvey takes it but tells him he'll have to pay for what he's done after they take Sofia down. Harvey is going to do some investigating on his own.

Someone is foraging in the kitchen at Wayne Manor. It's Selina looking for food. She needs his help. Bruce is going to help her get the item she fenced back and gives her cash.

Penguin gets a message from Riddler and a punch in the face from the guard delivering it.

Bullock visits an old woman in a candy shop looking for information on Falcone.

Sofia is upset that Martin is gone. She orders Zsasz to kill Penguin at Arkham. The Striped guy shows up. 

Bullock visits Penguin in Arkham when screaming starts. Doctors and guards are running. It's Zsasz and friend. His name is Wendell. They tell Bullock they're not leaving Arkham without Penguin.

Alarms go off at Arkham and Zsasz and Wendell leave. Bullock goes back to find Penguin and he's gone. He's taken off with the Riddler. Is this exciting or what?!

Bruce and Selina go looking for the things she wants to buy back. They have a sweet moment together. They team up and get into a fight with the store owner and his thugs. It could've been better, but it was okay. Bruce is changing his voice.

Penguin and Riddler are walking in an alley in the Narrows. They go to Lee's place but Riddler decides she can't help them because she's no longer in charge. Lee wants to help. She's pissed.

Riddler is looking for Grundy but he realizes that Grundy is back to Butch. Butch isn't happy.

Mr. Freeze freezes Penguin. Butch delivers Riddler to Babs and Tabitha. Then they take him to Sofia who ends up torturing him to find Penguin.

Freeze shows up with a frozen Penguin.

Sofia orders someone to take Riddler to the docks to kill him. Meanwhile, Zsasz and Sofia go find Mr. Pen.

Jim and Bullock go to a looney bin looking for Pen. They find him and take him away. 

The ice starts cracking because Penguin has something warming it up. He breaks out and he goes nuts. Penguin calls Lee to tell her where to meet him. He finds out where Riddler is. Will he get to docks in time?

Sofia and her thugs show up and start shooting. Jim tries to protect Pen and gets shot in the process.

Sofia is going to kill Jim. She wants him to beg her for his life. He tells her to go to hell. As she's about to shoot him, Lee comes up behind her and blows her away shooting her in the chest and then putting a bullet in her head.

Penguin saves Riddler from getting shot. They kiss and make up.

Bullock is with Jim in the hospital. Sofia is still alive. She's in a coma. WTF.

Lee takes back the Narrows from Sampson, smashing his hand the way her hand was smashed. Wow. She went nuts. Love it.

Babs is having some sort of an episode at Sirens club. Her hand starts glowing and Ra's al Ghul enters. WTF. Did he just take over her?

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Gotham Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Zsasz: Harvey! Do yourself a favor. Give us Penguin and live to get drunk another day.
Bullock: As tempting as that sounds -- no.

Bullock! I thought you stopped being a cop? Guess it didn't take, did it?