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An Arkham security guard goes into Tetch's and is killed by another security guard who he hypnotized. She killed all of the security guards. Tetch frees Scarecrow who is making a concoction in the toilet. When he's done he puts some of it in a glass jar. Then they free Jerome.

The security guard slices her own throat and the crew frees the rest of the Arkham's finest. and they all leave the grounds.

Gordon arrives on the scene. Bullock tells him that 87 of the most violent criminals were freed. Gordon talks to the troops and tells them the next course of action.

Jim gets a call from Tetch who gives him directions. Tetch is crazier than before. Jim and Bullock go to the place Tetch told him to.

Tetch kills the couple he held hostage not even giving Jim a chance to save them. He did it as punishment for his part in Alice's death.

Bruce and Selina are at the GCPD. They are trying to get a file about Jerome.

Babs is having a hard time. She's extremely testy. Tabitha questions her about her hand. She's having a hard time remembering her memories. Barbara tries to remember after Tabitha yells at her. She has the flashback of when she was brought back to life by Ra's al Ghul. He used the Lazarus juice on her. So if this is happening to her, what will happen to Alfred?

Barbara is supposed to be the Demon's Head. She's going to be head of the League of Shadows. Babs tells Tabitha that the League of Shadows are on their way.

There are people on the roof ready to jump. Jim and Harvey try to stop them. Meanwhile, Selina is still trying to find information about Jerome when Det. Harper comes in and Bruce starts playing her to protect Selina. Selina gets out and they leave.

Jim realizes there are more people on the roof across the street.

Bruce is looking at the file and tells Selina he's responsible for Jerome being free because he could have killed Jerome. Selina leaves. They go their separate ways.

Jerome is with his Uncle holding a gun to him. There are more people all around the city climbing to the roofs to jump. Bullock locks himself in the car trying to figure out which station Tetch is broadcasting from.

Jerome is hassling his uncle, recalling things that happened with his uncle. His uncle gets the upper hand and is microwaving a bowl of soup to throw at Jerome.

Tabitha is questioning Babs about the League of Shadows. They're already at the club. Barbara tells them that she's the Demon's Head.

Bullock gets hypnotized and heads to the roof. Jim calls Harper to give her orders on what to do.

Back at the diner, Jerome's uncle pours the boiling green soup on Jerome's face. Bruce walks into the diner and tries to be the big guy and the thug goes after Bruce. Bruce fights him and Jerome goes after his uncle.

One of the League of Shadows is pissed off that a woman is head of the League. He challenges Barbara to take the Demon's head but she takes him down. They all want to challenge her.

At the diner, Jerome kills his uncle after getting the information he wants and leaves but thanks Bruce before he goes since Bruce was the one who saved him.

Tetch is at the radio station giving people orders for people to throw themselves off the roof at midnight. Jim shows up and makes Tetch stop.

Jim shoots Tetch in the hand. Tetch tells him there's no way to save any of those people so Jim just punches him out. 

Jerome is watching the thug beat up Bruce when Selina shows up and gets Jerome's gun. Bruce gets the upperhand and knocks the thug out. She points a gun at Jerome but misses. Bruce stops her from shooting Jerome and they have a moment. Selina gives him more advice. She cares about him and is concerned. he's being ridiculous.

Barbara takes on the League and takes control. She is in charge right now. Then it goes dark and the Sisters of the League come to them to be the point of her spear. They tell her hundreds will follow her.

The clock strikes midnight and everyone is about to jump when Jim orders them to "save each other" and they do. Jim is the hero!!!

Bullock tells Jim that they didn't get any information from Tetch about Jerome's plans. He pours a drink for him and Jim. They have a heart to heart. Bullock is awesome.

Harper comes in to tell Jim that Bruce is on the phone.

Bruce tells Jim about what he found. He tells Jim he's on the way to St. Ignatius to confront Jerome.

Tetch is saved by Scarecrow as he's on his way back to Arkham. Jerome is with him. Jerome drives the wagon and they're off.


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Gotham Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Go over there and be big Jim Gordon. Hero cop. It's what they need -- even if it is a lie.


Lose the weirdo. She's giving me the heebie jeebies.