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Selina is brought into the hospital. Bruce is by her side. It's touching.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah is sitting in a cell in the GCPD. He wants to talk to JIm. He wants to press charges against Alfred. He says he'll tell Jim where the big bomb is if he gets Bruce for him.

Butch is with Tabitha and Hugo Strange. Penguin is there too. he's going to be cured. Tabitha gets a phone call from Babs about Selina getting shot. She leaves because she's going to kill Jeremiah.

A bomb goes off at the mayor's office. Ra's al Ghul watches as it blows. Jim is beating up Jeremiah demanding to know where the bombs are. He refuses to talk until he talks to Bruce.

The army shows up and orders martial law. The Major is in charge now and Jim cooperates with him.

 Major orders his men to find Bruce and orders Jim to be arrested and escorted across the river. As the officers are taking Jim out, Riddler shows up and shoots everyone with a sleeping potion, including Jim.

Jim is a captive in Riddler's lair in the Narrows. Riddler is going to kill Jim with a steel pressure machine. Riddler believes that if he kills Jim, it'll free Lee of Jim so she can be a bad girl.

Ra's visits Babs. He wants her to come with him away from Gotham. He wants her to rule the League of Shadows together.

The army has arrested Alfred and Bruce in tow. They take Bruce to Jeremiah to find out about the bomb. Jeremiah is talking about Ra's and Bruce's destiny.

The lights go out at the GCPD. By the time Bullock gets to the interrogation room, Bruce and Jeremiah are gone.

Riddler is still smooshing Jim. Lee shows up. She calls him out. She talks to Jim and tells him that the woman he loved is gone.She tells Riddler she's leaving and wants him to come with her but he won't be able to if he kills Jim.

Alfred is at the Sirens looking for Ra's al Ghul. Babs tells him the plan. Alfred saves Bruce. Tabitha kills Jeremiah. Babs kills Penguin. Penguin shows up and wants to kill someone too.

Jim escape and Lee is there to give Jim keys and advice. Jim vomits up his love for her. She tells him that part of her will always care for him. She kisses him.

Jim calls Bullock who tells him the news.

Bruce is brought to Ra's.

Jim and Bullock talk about where the bombs are going. Major comes in and it's a stand off. Jim wants people off the bridges because he thinks that's where the bombs are going to be.

Babs shows up. She has the blade to kill Ra's. Then the rest of the gang show up and a fight ensues.Tabitha has Jeremiah who turns it around on her but Penguin saves her.

Bruce and Selina work together to kill Ra's. The bombs go off on the bridges isolating the city.Before Ra's dies completely, he tells Bruce to embrace his destiny and become the Dark Knight.

Riddler comes in to tell Lee about the bombs. She's not leaving now because the people need her help. She also tells Ed that it's the end of the line. He knew it. he has a knife behind his back.

Instead she has a knife and stabs him. And he stabs her. They kiss and they fall to the ground. It's like Romeo and Juliet.

Tabitha is back in Strange's lab looking for Butch. He's back to normal. She tells him she loves him and they kiss.k Penguin watches and smiles. Butch pledges his allegience to Penguin but Penguin shoots him and kills him. And he confronts Tabitha and her murdering his mother. It's about flipping time that he remembers it. Then he shoots her. He wants to make her suffer like he suffered from his mother's death.

Bruce is back at the hospital. They are evacuating Selina. She's going to be paralyzed because the bullet severed her spinal cord. He won't leave Gotham. Bruce tells Alfred that he's making Gotham his responsibility. He wants Alfred to go with Selina. He does.

The Major wants an evacuation. Jim doesn't want to leave. The major walks out. Bullock says the city will be a battleground.

Penguin is taking control. He's taken a new house. Freeze is taking over someplace. Firefly is taking over her territory. Scarecrow takes over his territory. Hugo is ith the dead Lee and Riddler.

Ra's' men pledge allegiance to Babs. Tabitha tells her what Penguin did to her. Babs stakes out her turf. A men free zone. She kills the men who pledged allegiance to her.

Lucius shows up at the GCPD with Bullock.  They're standing with Jim, staking out his turf.

Bruce is beating up everyone he can to find Jeremiah. Then he sees a light from the GCPD. Bruce goes there. It's the beginning of the bat signal. Awesome. Jim tells Bruce what he's doing and how he plans to fight the crazy Jeremiah left behind.

There are some new crazies who show up.  Bruce and Jim talk about bringing light to the city.




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Gotham Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

For her sake, you're gonna die. For my sake, you're gonna suffer.


Try to prove you're better than your brother. And I'm still here. The city's still here. You're a failure, Jeremiah.