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Jim is running from Ed after escaping from the warehouse. Riddler starts shooting at him and he continues running.

Riddler finds Jim in an ambulance and they start fighting. Jim uses paddles on Nygma's head and he's down.

Penguin follows the dog o his hole of treasures where a white-haired woman is digging through his stuff.

Jim takes Riddler in to find out what's going on.

Bruce is at the GCPD. Alfred finds him and asks what's going on. Alfred tells Bruce about Delta Force and that it's an assassination team. 

They take Bruce and Alfred to a cell in the back but the two fight off the soldiers and then escape. They go looking for Jim.

Jim is at Bab's place telling her what's happening. Jim is suspicious of everyone, even Barbara.

Eduardo shows up. Jim tells him he has evidence but Eduardo doesn't believe him and he orders Ed to kill both Babs and Jim but Ed kills one of the soldiers instead and they escape.

Penguin leaves his house to go looking for the crazy woman and comes across Selina. She tells him she killed Jeremiah. She needs a new squad.

Selina knows about Magpie who was the woman who stole the diamond. Selina wants the diamond in order to help Penguin and he agrees. A new partnership!

Eduardo tells his soldiers they are moving to phase II. He kills prisoners and Bullock fights him but is thrown into a cell. Walker calls Eduardo and tells him she has an idea to get Jim and Ed.

Lucius, Alfred and Bruce arrive a the hideout and Lucius works on Ed's brain to remove the chip.

Lucius scans the chip and is able to find proof that they ordered the attack on Haven. Eduardo brings in Lee to get Jim to surrender. He wants a trade, Lee for Ed. Jim wants to meet at Haven for the exchange.

Lee tells Bullock she doesn't remember anything. 

Jim arrives at Haven with the chip. Jim and Eduardo get into a fistfight.

Selina takes Penguin to Magpie's hiding place. Magpie escapes after tricking Penguin.

Ed shows up at the GCPD with a bomb. Bruce gets to the top of the GCPD to get the antenna. Lucius and Barbara and Alfred are doing other stuff to help things along.

Bruce takes on a soldier who finds him. Meanwhile, Jim and Eduardo are still fighting.

Eduardo orders the soldier to kill Lee. He tries to save her but Eduardo takes him down.

Lucius tells Bruce how to set up the antenna for the message to send.

Bullock figures out the code and one of the army guys puts in the code. they start shooting at Ed but he's got the suit on which protects him. The gas gets into the GCPD and Nygma protects himself before he gets knocked out.

Eduardo is still punishing Jim. He also tells Jim about his relationship with Walker. Jim kills Eduardo as shots go off in the back. Lee killed the soldier.

Selina and Penguin are trapped in Magpie's room. Selina figures out that Penguin wants to leave Gotham. He tells her why and she wants to leave Gotham too. She breaks her and Penguin out.

Jim is at the GCPD with Lee. Babs is pissed off about Lee and wants to know where she's been for the past several months.

Jim talks to Lee in his office. She doesn't know what's happening. She has no memories of the past three months. She remembers her fight with Ed and that she was in the hospital.

Walker shows up where Eduardo is and she tells him about the recording. She's going ot take him to Strange and gives him a mask that turns him into Bane. She also tells him that there was a second operative -- Lee!!!!!!!! And she programs Lee to attack Jim.  Lee starts attacking Jim but he fights her off.

Jeremiah knocks out Alfred. 

Selina and Penguin find Magpie in Penguin's treasure chest. He kills Magpie.

Barbara goes into Jim's office and tells Jim she's pregnant while he's with Lee and Barbara. It's great. Jim is shocked.

Jeremiah has Alfred in Wayne Manor and tells Alfred "Today is the big day".






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Gotham Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Barbara: What is it going to take for you to trust me.
Jim: With everything you've done? I don't know.

Jim, they used me as a pawn to murder innocent people. They messed with my brain. The thing that I want is revenge.