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Someone sets off fireworks that emit a green gas.

Jim is on the radio with a general where he learns that reunification will begin shortly.

Jim is helping Bruce find Alfred but sends Bruce home to rest.

Bullock and Jim arrive at the firework launching scene where the guys with the Z's on the chest are dead.

Bruce heads home and finds a newspaper about his parents' murder are tacked all over the wall. Then he sees what looks like his parents and he starts following.

Barbara visits Lee at the hospital. She wants Lee to be her OB. Jim shows up to talk to Lee about the Narrows. Lee won't be Babs doctor unless she talks to Jim so she leaves them alone to talk.

She doesn't want Jim to be involved in the baby's life. 

Bruce ends up in Wayne Manor where he finds clone Thomas and Martha Wayne. Alfred shows up as part of the game. Then Jeremiah appears. He has a bomb and wants to know what's going on.

Alfred is hypnotized.

Penguin and Selina are trying to figure out if the river is mined and it is. They're trying to get off the island. Selina tells Penguin about the tunnel in the Dark Zone.

Jim and Lee make a visit to the Narrows to learn about the Chessmen. They talk briefly about Barbara's pregnancy.

Bruce and family sit down for dinner. Jeremiah is playing some serious mind games with Bruce. Jeremiah leaves and sets off the bombs taking the Waynes with him. Bruce tries to find Alfred.

Jim and Lee arrive at Ace Chemicals where the gas that killed the guys is being made. Jervis is in charge. Harley shows up to fight Jim and Lee as well. The gas is being made for Jeremiah.

Selina tells Barbara everything and asks for help in getting off the island. 

Bruce is able to escape with Alfred to the Batcave when Wayne Manor blows up. Alfred is free from his spell but injured. 

Harley ties up Lee and Jim. Tetch hypnotizes Jim and Lee. He wants to know what Lee is up to.

Penguin and Selina find the tunnel as Alfred comes out. Selina learns that Jeremiah is still alive. Selina is going to kill Penguin but Alfred calms her down by telling her that Bruce needs her.

Alfred wants Penguin's help to the green zone, but he takes off instead of helping Alfred.

Bruce shows up at the theater. His clone parents are there. He's in a film taunting Bruce even more. Bruce follows his parents outside to the alley where they were killed. Jeremiah is going to kill the fake parents. He wants to recreate the whole scene so that he's tied to Bruce forever.  But he's already killed the Waynes and now Jim and Lee are in the alley as the Waynes, hypnotized by Jervis.

He's going to kill them but Selina shows up and stops it before it's time. Jeremiah escapes. Bruce goes after Jeremiah. They have to stop the bomb so Jim takes off and orders Lee to warn people. Jim has the ruck full of bombs and drives it to the river just in time.

Bruce and Jeremiah face off by the vats. Jeremiah falls in the vat! At the river, Jim sees the green chemicals spread from the bombs.

Riddler faces Penguin. Pengin wants Riddler to escape with him.

Lee gets back to the GCPD where Jim is. The reunification isn't happening. Jim and Lee talk about them. Then they kiss. FFS.

Bruce and Selina visit Jeremiah who is pretty bad off in the hospital after falling in the vat.

Oswald and Ed show up at his office where Barbara is waiting. Riddler figures out she's pregnant. Oswald wants Babs to come with. Barbara can't shoot Penguin because she's pregnant but tells Oswald she'll never forgive him. 





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Gotham Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

I only told you because I thought you had a right to know, but your involvement in this ended the moment you put your pants back on.


This nightmare is about to end.