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A couple of guys stop at the Sirens to give Babs some information. They saddle up to the bar where they are eventually killed by a third guy that knows them and were talking about the past.

A girl is telling Bruce and Alfred about an attack she endured.They decide to investigate the sewers themselves to find the culprit.

Babs calls in Jim and Bullock about the dead guys. Turns out the guy who killed the others was named Dix, Harvey's old partner who is supposedly paralyzed.

Jim wants to talk to Babs about the baby.

Ed is working on building the submarine and he and Oswald start arguing when Mr. Penn shows up with a dummy named Mr. Scarface.

Jim and Bullock visit Dix but he denies killing he two guys. Jim is suspicious. A knock on the door and it's another Dix but Bullock pulls off he mask before the guy runs away.

Alfred and Bruce are searching underground tunnels.They find some remains.

The mask is made out of human skin. Dix and Bullock tell Jim about a case bu Bullock is evasive. 

Penn and Scarface talk to Penguin who thinks Penn is out of his mind. Penn is now the Ventriloquist. Scarface kills Penguin's servant.

Bullock and Dix talk about the Cartwright case and Dix tells Bullock that the Cartwright girl is dead.

Jim visits a home looking for the Cartwright girl but it's empty. Someone's there in a mask and she kills one of the officer's accompanying Jim. And hen transforms into the guy. Weird! This is not Strange's doing!

The cop transforms back into the girl and she's taken back to the GCPD. She tells Jim to talk to Bullock about how Cartwright died and then squeezes out of her cuffs after he leaves.

Alfred and Bruce run into the tunnel monster.

Penguin tries to talk to Penn, but he's obviously out of his mind. Penn tells his story about how he survived the Haven shooting and was found by Scarface. Scarface wants Penguin's treasure and to be boss of Gotham. Ed offers Scarface an opportunity to get involved with the sub project.

Bullock takes Dix somewhere safe and they talk about what happened but Bullock starts choking Dix. Is it really him or the girl?

Barbara wants to know if she goes straight that she won't be sent to jail.

Bullock and Jim find a dead Dix.

Bruce and Alfred chase after the tunnel crazy guy.

Jim puts the GCPD lockdown. All of a sudden two Barbara's show up. One of them is the Cartwright girl and Bullock chases after her. The real Babs is taken to Jim's office.

Penn and Scarface agree that the submarine is a good idea but Scarface wants Penn to shoot Penguin. Oswald tries to talk Penn out of it. Penguin kills the dummy, freeing Penn but then Ed kills Penn. Ed and Oswald are friends again.

Bullock finds Cartwright. He wants to see her real face. There's nothing wrong with her face. Bullock kills the girl when she attempts to pull the trigger on him.

Alfred and Bruce have taken the crazy guy to the hospital where he's found that his injuries are irreversible.

Bullock tells Jim the full story about Jane.





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