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Professor Strange is making Bane while his handler talks to him.

Gordon and Bullock prepare for unification with the mainland.

They meet General Wade's team. Bruce is there, too. However, Wade isn't ready yet because the green zone is still toxic.

A very pregnant Babs goes to the docks to check out the submarine. She starts to go into labor and leaves for the clinic.

Selina is checking out books at a library with Alfred.They find blueprints for Wayne Manor. He tells Selina he's going to stand guard for Bruce.

Lee calls Jim to tell him Barbara is in labor.

Wade checks everything out and tells Jim that reunification can begin but then someone starts throwing gas bombs and all hell breaks loose.

Bane has arrived. Both Bruce and Gordon are shot and loaded into a truck. Bullock chases but can't get to them in time.

Bullock gathers the GCPD team to find Gordon and Bruce. Alfred and Selina arrive to help out.

Bane talks to Jim about his plans when the handler comes in and Bane leaves. Bane brings in Bruce. The handler is Nyssa.

Bane starts beating up Jim.

Penguin starts saying his goodbyes to Gotham when Riddler tells him they can't leave yet.

Lee is tending to Babs.

Nyssa wants Bruce to tell her the name of who she's doing this for. Bruce figures it out. Ra's al Ghul.

Nyssa orders Bane to get Barbara because she helped Bruce kill Ra's.

Penguin and Riddler arrive at the clinic to find the pressure regulator for the submarine. Lee is in the middle of the argument. And Lee learns about the submarine.

Then Bane arrives and calls for Barbara over the intercom.

Lee and Barbara leave while Penguin and Riddler try to stop Bane.

Jim is in Professor Strange's clutches now. He's going to turn him into another Eduardo.

Penguin and Riddler fight Bane but he's indestructible. And not happy.

Lee and Barbara are racing out of the clinic while Lee wheels Barbara and she shoots enemies. Haha.

Bruce breaks out of his ties. 

Riddler shows Penguin that he has the regulator and they leave the clinic.

Lee tells Babs that Jim isn't going to take the baby away from her. They have a great conversation as Babs goes into final stages of labor.

Bruce attacks his captors and gets hold of Alfred to tell him about Barbara. Alfred and Selina leave to save Babs and the baby.

Strange continues with Jim. He ges some additional strength to escape and goes after Strange but Strange already trips the alarm. Bruce shows up.

Wade is there too, but he's acting strange.

Babs has her baby! It's a girl. Bane finds them.

Alfred and Selina arrive just in time. Lee and Babs leave while Selina and Alfred try ot fight Bane to no avail.

Wade arrives at army base with Bruce and Jim. Bullock tells him about the baby.

Wade decides to bomb Gotham and arrest Jim and the others.

Nyssa is at the Sirens waiting for Babs.

Jim overtakes the guards as helicopters arrive to bomb Gotham.












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Gotham Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

We're here because of you.


You're going to be reborn. Then you will be the Bane of the unjust, the Bane of the corrupt, the Bane of anyone who opposes us.

Bane's Handler