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Jim is trying to get a ceasefire with the gangs and Lee tries to convince Jim to stop and focus on his child.

Barbara wants to know why the submarine isn't ready. Babs is heavily pregnant now.

Penguin allows Jim to talk to gangs at his headquarters in order to convince them to preserve the water supply.

Someone shoots and Jim is shot in the chest.

Bruce takes Selina on a date in an abandoned house he has set up for a nice dinner. Someone is watching.

Gordon is taken back to the GCPD so Lee can work on him. He's lost a lot of blood. Harvey takes over.

Lee is working on Jim and he goes into a dream-like state. He's on trial to see whether he lives or dies.

Selina and Bruce are enjoying canned beans. Bruce tells Selina he doesn't think things are going to go back to normal. Ivy shows up.

Penguin is upset that Jim's blood is on his floor. Harvey barges in and wants to know who shot Jim. Harvey is pissed and roughs up Penguin. Then he questions Babs.S

Ivy brings the guy Selina beat up in the street when they were looking for Jerome.

Ivy uses a scent on Bruce so he falls in love with her. She leaves with Bruce while Selina deals with the guy.

Jim is recovering, still unconscious. Lee is talking to him.

In his mind, Jim is still on trial. It's very strange. Gordon is the prosecutor and the first witness is Lee. 

Harvey realizes that the bullets are Victor Szasz's. Szasz is outside looking for Gordon and Alfred takes him down.

Selina fights the guy. Harvey interrogates Victor. Turns out Victor is entranced by Ivy.

Alfred sits with Lee and talks about Jim, Babs and the baby.

The prosecution questions Lee. Haven victims are there too.

Ivy comes to save Zsasz. She's the one who wanted him to kill Gordon. Now she's going to kill Gordon while Zsasz keeps the cops occupied.

Bruce tries to convince Lucius about Ivy's toxin and to shut down the plant. He sprays Lucius with toxin and Lucius obeys.

Babs is trying to calm down the gangs.

Lucius is trying to put toxin in the city. Selina is at the plant.

Zsasz fights with the GCPD.

Jim is at his own wake.

Ivy comes in to finish off Jim. Lee is prepared to fight. Ivy wants to save the environment. They fight. Lee shoots Ivy.

Selina and Bruce fight. Bruce snaps out of his spell. They go to Lucius to stop the shutdown. 

Harvey takes down Zsasz. Lee is trying to save Jim.

Jim is in the electric chair. Lee is holding the baby. She drops the baby and leaves and he's electrocuted but he comes back to life. 

A month later Jim and Lee get married at the GCPD.

Bruce inspired by the wedding kisses Selina.

Penguin is telling Babs about Lee and Jim. He calls Babs out about what she was planning. He tells her that Jim will hunt her to find her and her baby.










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Gotham Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

And does your child deserve a father? You have no problems taking care of an entire city. Why not try focusing on one life? Why are you so ready to put yourself in the crosshairs? It's like you won't be satisfied until you sacrifice yourself.


That's the choice. Life or death. Your call.