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Jim tells the cops to find Barbara and the baby before Nyssa al Ghul does something.

Bruce and Selina are talking to a very injured Alfred in a clinic.

Nyssa has Barbara hostage and the baby next to her. She wants to destroy the city, kill Babs, and raise the baby as her own.

The General orders his army to destroy Gotham when Bane arrives to take over.

Penguin tries to convince Riddler that they have business to do to help them save Gotham. Riddler wants to leave but Penguin wants to stay.

Jim and Bullock plan a strategy to stop General Wade and his army. Then Jim wants to leave to find Babs but another officer volunteers so Jim can stay at GCPD.

Lucius gives Bruce some tools to fight for the city.

Oswald visits Jim. They talk about old times. Oswald talks about his loyalty to Gotham.

Bullock tells Jim about the army. Then Riddler shows up and says he's ready to fight for Gotham too.

The GCPD prepares to fight. Oswald, Penguin, Bruce, Bullock and all the rest.They take their stand at the GCPD where Bane and his army is waiting for them.

The firefight begins.

Selina finds Lee to get her out and hears the bombing of The Narrows.She's going to go there to help.

Firefight continues. A grenade goes off and Penguin gets struck in the eye. The army breaches and Bane wants Jim and Bruce brought to him.

The GCPD retreats and Jim gets a message from Lucius that Barbara and the baby were kidnapped by Nyssa.Jim is going to City Hall.

Oswald doesn't realize how bad his eye is.

Lee is helping at GCPD. Bruce comes up with a plan to use Jeremiah's bombs starting with one at Bruce Wayne Tower. Selina and Bruce take off.

Jim shows up at City Hall to resuce Barbara. Nyssa shows up with the baby. They're both hostages now.

Bruce and Selina make it to Wayne Towers. Bruce gives a speech about destroying Wayne Enterprises to save Gotham and sets the bomb. The Tower explodes taking out some of the army.

Nyssa hands over he baby to a guard. She attacks Jim and takes him down. She gets a phone call about the Tower to block the army's approach.

Nyssa and Jim go at it again and Babs joins in. Finally Barbara stabs Nyssa and she tells Wade to execute failsafe. He kills himself and Nyssa takes off. 

Bane finds Bruce and Selina. Selina stabs Bane.

Bruce uses his bat beacon to call bats to attack Bane.

Barbara has the baby and Jim sees her for the first time and holds her.

Babs and Jim arrive back at GCPD and Jim learns about Wayne Enterprises. Jim makes a plan to get Babs and the refugees to safety. He wants Lee to go with.

Lee tells the refugees she's not going with and her and Babs hug. Babs thanks Lee for everything she's done for her. Babs is in charge of the refugees.

Jim faces off against Bane. Lee shows up at his side. Bane tells them it's a firing squad and then a boatload of people show up in support, including Babs and the baby. Bane orders them to fire and nothing happens. The army turns against Bane. Bane throws down his gun and surrenders.

Nyssa goes to the submarine.

Jim comes and talks to Barbara and to hold the baby. Barbara tells him the name of the baby. Barbara Lee Gordon.

Penguin and Riddler are upset about Nyssa stealing thier money and sub. Penguin says he felt nothing standing next to everyone to fight for Gotham. And goes off.

The two talk about how Gordon doesn't respect them. They both want to rule the city and make a pact to take what they want when they want. Together. Yet both of them were going to atttack the other but decide against it. They're partners now.

There's a ceremony at City Hall. Jim is now commissioner Gordon. Oswald has his eyepatch.

Bullock says his goodbyes to Jim since he won't be at the GCPD anymore.

Bruce tells Jim he's leaving the city. Selina shows up at the GCPD looking for Bruce and there's a letter for her from him.

Alfred is up and about and is there with Bruce as he prepares to leave.

Bruce leaves. Selina is too late. She's upset.




















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