An Uneasy Visit - Grand Hotel
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Javi comes clean to Alicia about the baby. 

Alicia tells Javi about Carolina and Danny. 

Santiago cut off Javi. 

Santiago is withholding bonuses from the staff to pay the blackmailer.

Danny comes up with the idea to get the male staff to sign a card for Ingrid to match the handwriting on Sky's love letter. 

Nelson organizes a "sickout" after Mrs. P tells them they aren't getting bonuses. 

Gigi has an old friend, Victor, coming to stay at the hotel hoping to get it featured in the travel magazine he works for. 

Javi goes to Mrs. P for help with his resume, and she offers to let him work with her husband.

Santiago enlists all the Mendoza's to help around the hotel with the "sickout" going on, including Carolina and Yoli. 

Alicia tells Danny they have to keep things professional moving forward. 

Alicia hears Danny tell Carolina he isn't interested in her. 

Yoli complains to a staff member, Marissa, working in the spa about having to work. Marissa isn't having any of it.

Victor tells Gigi her first husband, Felix, wants to reconnect. 

Jason stands up to Santiago about the bonuses and gets reprimanded by Mrs. P.

Felix stole money from people, including Santiago and is on the run.

Santiago tells Gigi that she is not allowed to reach out to Felix. 

Marissa thinks Yoli is a lesbian and hits on her.

Mrs. P's husband, Malcom faints at work.

Mrs. P lashes out at Santiago blaming him for Malcom fainting due to being overworked because of the staff shortage that taking away the bonuses caused. 

A pretty hotel guest tries to sleep with Javi, and he turns her down. 

Santiago goes to visit Mrs. P and Malcom at the hospital and comes clean about his deal with Mateo's bosses. 

Alicia and Danny share stories about Alicia's mom and Sky then share a kiss.

Santiago reinstates the bonuses and then throws a staff party.

Victor goes to Carolina about Felix.

Yoli asks Marissa out on a date.

Javi buys the baby a onesie and tells Ingrid he would like to be more involved if she will let him. 

The doctors find something wrong with Malcom.

Danny finds Mateo's postcard. 

Danny has a girlfriend at home. 

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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Javi: Hey, you're cutting me off?
Santiago: That's right. It's time I stop treating you like a child now that you're having one of your own.
Javi: So you're punishing me?
Gigi: No, Javi, he's teaching you how to be a responsible adult.
Javi: Oh, that's funny because what about your daughters? They're not exactly pulling themselves up by their jimmy choos are they?

Alicia: You're gonna be a dad. Awww.
Javi: No, no, no. Don't awww. This whole situation is pretty much a giant disaster.
Alicia: No, I don't think so. Honestly, you have the biggest heart of anybody I know, and if you're as good at being a dad as you are at being a brother, it's gonna be a really lucky kid.