Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4 Review: The Big Sickout

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There is something to be said for having loyalty to those who have always been there, a lesson Santiago learned during Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4.

When Santiago revokes the staff bonuses to cover the demands of the blackmailer, the staff organizes a "sickout," leaving the Mendoza family to step up to the plate. 

If the first three episodes of Grand Hotel have taught us anything, it's that when the heat gets turned up on these characters, secrets have a way of bubbling to the surface. What secrets found their way out on Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4? Read on to find out. 

Enter into the Madness - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4

Santiago has been a tough character to read so far on Grand Hotel.

While with Alicia, we see a soft, gentler side of him, but with all others, his tough exterior is nearly impossible to penetrate, not to mention that so many of his actions so far have been driven by selfish motivations. 

Storming Across the Room - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4

Santiago going against Mrs. P's advice not to cut the bonuses was yet another prime example of this self-serving behavior.

His staff has been loyal to him and his family, but he was so quick to screw them over to save himself.

The fact that in spite of this, Mrs. P still attempted to defend him to Jason, says a lot about her character.

I can't say I could blame her that Malcolm seeming to have fainted from being overworked was the last straw, though. 

Loyalty only goes so far, especially when that loyalty doesn't seem to be reciprocated.

If Santiago can't show loyalty to one of his oldest employees, and not to mention friends, then how can he expect the other staff to fall in line? 

Santiago coming clean to Mrs. P about his dealings with Mateo's bosses was a huge step in repairing the cracks that have been surfacing in their friendship.

Feeling the Heat - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4

Mrs. P has wanted nothing more to be back in Santiago's inner circle and his confession did just that.

It's hard not to wonder, though, if Mrs. P was better off not knowing.

Mateo works for a dangerous group of people if they are enough to scare a man like Santiago.

By bringing Mrs. P into the secret, he is effectively putting her in danger as well. Here's to hoping she can hold her own. 

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It's said that everyone has a type, but I have to wonder, what is Gigi's? Is she a fan of men who know how to hold onto money no matter the cost, or men who can't seem to keep it?

The revelation that Gigi's first husband, Felix, was a criminal who stole money from people, including Santiago, was an interesting one.

Time to Get Down and Dirty - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4

Grand Hotel has a knack for steering us in the obvious direction just to make a hard right-hand turn at the last second.

It would have been so easy for them to introduce Victor, the gorgeous younger man from Gigi's past, and create a love triangle that no one asked for.

Using Victor as merely a delivery device for the secret about Felix was a welcome alternative. 

While I understand why Gigi might want Carolina and Yoli to be able to have contact with their father, I can't wrap my head around why Gigi would need to be involved for that to happen.

If Gigi only wanted to have contact with Felix for that purpose, then she would have given both daughters the choice of getting back in touch with him and asked Victor to facilitate it for them.

Enter into the Madness - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4

Gigi's desire to be involved in Felix and her daughters' reconnection, makes it appear that Gigi may not be fully over him. 

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Watching Santiago's jealous side was entertaining. Santiago needs to wake up and realize he is married to a gorgeous woman that most men would kill to be with.

Showing a little appreciation for what you have can go a long way. 

Mateo sure didn't appreciate what he had while he had it, and there is a part of me that hates him for it.

If Mateo had shown Ingrid the love and affection she seems to have wanted from him, then we wouldn't be suffering through her conning Javi. 

Ingrid: Mateo, I think you've lost something.
Mateo: What?
Ingrid: Your dignity.
Mateo: You think this funny? I heard about Javi getting cut off. So much for your big plan.
Ingrid: That's none of your business.
Mateo: What's the point of keeping this scheme going if he has no money, hm? Or is this all just to hurt me.
Ingrid: Hurt you? You'd have to have feelings for that.

As I've made clear in my past three reviews of Grand Hotel, I am no fan of Ingrid. Each week that goes on, and Javi grows more and more as a character, and I despise her just that much more. 

No More Little Rich Boy - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4

Javi may have been a playboy his whole life, but when faced with this situation, he isn't running away scared.

From almost day one he has stepped up to the plate taken responsibility for his supposed actions. 

Javi buying Ingrid the onesie and offering to play a bigger role in the baby's life was the final nail in Ingrid's coffin.

I can't wait to watch the Mendoza family take her down once they learn the truth. 

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Yoli continues to be one of my favorite characters on Grand Hotel and is grossly underutilized. There is such complexity to her.

While she puts up a brave front to those around her, embracing her "ugly duckling" role as fact, it is in small moments you can see the impact it has on her. 

Gigi: Santiago needs us today, so you both are gonna be working and not on your tans. Carolina, you'll take the restaurant, Yoli the spa.
Carolina: Restaurant? Maybe, Danny, the waiter works there.
Yoli: How are we twins?

Her pursuit of Marissa is one of those moments.

This Is Exasperation - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4

While I'm not in any way opposed to Yoli heading down the LGBTQ path, her interest didn't necessarily seem to come from an innate attraction to woman or even a curiosity.

Instead, it seemed to stem from being given the attention that she doesn't typically get as Carolina's twin. 

We saw the same thing with El Rey. As much as I am rooting for El Rey and her to happen, Yoli never appeared to have feelings for him.

She was interested in him, because he was interested in her, something that is unfortunately rare for her. 

Hopefully, throughout the rest of this season of Grand Hotel, Yoli will be able to develop real confidence instead of the act that she puts on as a front for her insecurity. 

She Looks Fed Up - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4

Yoli isn't the only one putting on a front on Grand Hotel.

I don't think that I have given Danny enough credit in his 007 role. He may be the least discreet man on the planet, but he is a pro at hiding the truth. 

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It was impressive how easily he could talk to Alicia about Sky without revealing too many details.

What was more impressive though is that he could manage to kiss Alicia and then get on the phone with his girlfriend waiting for him at home and act like everything is hunky-dory.

Alicia: My mom died of a heart attack, out of the blue. My brother was like your sister sort of pissed at the world.
Danny: You?
Alicia: The more things fell apart, the more I felt like I had to take care of everyone. Sometimes it still feels that way, like its all on me to...
Danny: Make everything right. I guess we've got that in common.
Alicia: We do don't we?

That's right, super spy Danny has a girlfriend.

Working Hard or Hardly Working? - Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4

You have to wonder if Danny tells himself that he has to cozy up to Alicia to get to the truth about Sky to help himself sleep at night.

Spoiler alert Danny: You don't. If anything, his relationship with Alicia is more of a distraction than a tool. 

With Alicia's own spy skills, Danny won't be able to hide the truth from her for long.

Who else adored Alicia climbing on the laundry to listen through the laundry chute? At that moment, Alicia was all of us.

After learning about Danny's girlfriend, though, I wish she had stayed far away from that chute and it's good acoustics.

Now she will only end up hurt in the end. 

What did you think of this episode of Grand Hotel?

How long do you think it will take Alicia to find out the truth about Danny?

Will Javi take on a new role at the hotel every week now that he is cut off?

What do you think was on Santiago's chef tasting menu?

Comment your thoughts below and don't forget to watch Grand Hotel online at TV Fanatic.

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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Javi: Hey, you're cutting me off?
Santiago: That's right. It's time I stop treating you like a child now that you're having one of your own.
Javi: So you're punishing me?
Gigi: No, Javi, he's teaching you how to be a responsible adult.
Javi: Oh, that's funny because what about your daughters? They're not exactly pulling themselves up by their jimmy choos are they?

Alicia: You're gonna be a dad. Awww.
Javi: No, no, no. Don't awww. This whole situation is pretty much a giant disaster.
Alicia: No, I don't think so. Honestly, you have the biggest heart of anybody I know, and if you're as good at being a dad as you are at being a brother, it's gonna be a really lucky kid.