Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Awkward Love Triangle Alert!

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Arizona Robbins finally made an appearance on Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 3, but she found herself stuck between her roommate and her protégé.

Elsewhere during the hour, Meredith continued to allow her bizarre "love" triangle to keep breathing, while a patient actually stopped breathing...and then came back to life!

Join TV Fanatics Jenn, Jasmine, Tiffany, and Elizabeth as they discuss Arizona's return, Meredith's screwed up love life, the odd medical case of the week and which characters aren't getting enough love these days.

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Should Arizona pick a side between Alex and Andrew? Or should she try to remain as neutral as possible?

Jenn: Arizona should just stay neutral. I think she did a good job scolding Alex and embracing Andrew. I don't think either was picking sides. She can talk to Alex in a way that he still knows she cares. Andrew just needed someone to actually give him a hug, and let him know everything is okay.

Jasmine: I still don't think this issue is worth taking sides for. I think Arizona had it right. She admonished Alex because he is her friend and mentee, but she also comforted DeLuca because he's her roommate, and friend and he needed the comfort. It made me so mad that Andrew has been walking around the hospital feeling ostracized and like everyone hates him, when he's the victim in this whole mess! He did nothing wrong.

Tiffany: I think she should try to stay neutral since she has more than just a working relationship with both of them. She’s clearly closer with Alex but Andrew is her roommate and he needs support too. I thought she handled the situation perfectly.

Elizabeth: I want her to "choose" Alex, but she also kind of already has. She didn't absolve him of guilt, but she made it clear that she thinks a felony charge is taking this too far. She's the one in the best position to talk DeLuca down about the charges. I don't think that this would negate her "support" of DeLuca, it's more of having her play mediator between the two.

Since we seem to be stuck with the Meredith-Nathan-Maggie "love" triangle, how would you like to see this story line resolved?

Jenn: Meredith had an opportunity in this episode to come clean again and didn't. This is going to end up really bad, and Meredith will have no choice but to blame herself. I need this story line to go away. Mostly because I want to see Mer get with Riggs already!

Jasmine: Personally I'd love to see the whole thing burned with fire, but I guess that can't happen. I'd like to see Mer woman up and tell Maggie, and then she and Riggs deal with their feelings for each other. I'd also like to see Maggie happy. But clearly we're headed towards Maggie finding out via another way, Maggie being humiliated, and understandably hurt, and Mer using that to not deal with her feelings for Riggs, which won't be fair for him either.

Tiffany: I want Meredith to come clean to Maggie about sleeping with Riggs and possibly having feelings for him, if she ever figures that out. I don’t dislike Riggs but I don’t want either of them to start dating him because we know Owen’s sister is eventually going to show up and complicate things further. I basically want everyone to be honest with each other and then move on as friends.

Elizabeth: I just want the mysterious disappearance of Ms Hunt to be solved ASAP so that this drag of a story can be put to bed. This is the kind of ridiculous arc I expect to come from interns, not from the much matured Meredith.

How did you like the medical case of the week?

Jenn: I liked it, felt very classic Grey's. I know the cases can get ridiculous but those are the best ones. The doctors all seem to know when cases are ridiculous, which makes them even more funny. When the mom popped back up I laughed so hard.

Jasmine: The Lazarus Effect. I rather enjoyed it. I felt bad for the outcast sister. It was a weird but fun case. Classic Grey's.

Tiffany: I have mixed feelings about it. I love big, crazy, dramatic families (I come from one myself) but I wanted to know why Kara was so at odds with her family and I would have liked to see Kara and Georgia’s reunion at the end of the episode rather than the one between her and her siblings. I didn’t buy that her brother and sister would do a 180 so quickly.

Elizabeth: I loved how excited Ben was about it, and Stephanie's awe over the Lazarus syndrome. Some more explanation of why Kara was the black sheep could have potentially toes into one of the main story arcs, which would have made the whole thing more polished.

What was your favorite quote and/or scene from the episode?

Jenn: I thought April wanting to be back in the OR was funny. I also liked the family dynamic between Miranda, Tucker and Ben. I thought that was a cute scene when Ben finally wanted to be deputized in.

Jasmine: Ben being the heavy in the relationship and playing bad cop to Tucker. I loved Bailey's about how she should have deputized him a long time ago.

Tiffany: Favorite quote - “There’s not a lot of urgency in that job, I think.” Stephanie on why the morgue people hadn’t picked up the body yet. Favorite scene - Arizona and Alex talking about how she is missed him in OR but is still mad at him. I liked how Alex admitted he was mad at himself too, that he wanted to give up and walk away but he wasn’t going to and he would do whatever it takes to get his job back. I know the heart of Grey’s is its romantic relationships but personally, I love the platonic ones like Alex/Arizona, Chief/Arizona, Alex/Meredith, etc.

Elizabeth: The only scenes I didn't like were those relating to the Meredith/Riggs/Maggie insanity. I think that April talking about how she never knew a miracle could be so boring was funny--there's been a trend of near fetishization of motherhood in recent years, and it was refreshing to have April, who is soften cast as a "traditionalist," pushback against that.

We are now a few episodes into the season. Which character deserves more screen time that has been pushed to the side so far?

Jenn: I want Steph to have more of a story line. I think she is a great actresses, but they use her as a filler character sometimes. Always there for someone, like Jo. I think its time for her to get a real story. Now that Arizona is back I want to see more of her as well. I know she is receiving a love interest, finally! So I am excited to see that.

Jasmine: I know this is supposed to be the season of the originals, so I'll stick to that and say we need to see more about Richard. Out of the original cast he's been the most neglected so far. I'd have much rather watched he and Maggie try to work on a father/daughter relationship than her in a love triangle and him just in the background.

Tiffany: I’m sure I’m in the minority on this one but I want to see more of Jo. I thought she was going to be more of a focal point during this whole ordeal but so far they’re mostly focusing on Alex, not even much on Andrew. I want to see her accept that she played a role in what happened to Andrew, learn from that mistake, be honest about her past and find the courage to divorce that jerky husband. Maybe channel Jennifer Lopez in Enough and learn some awesome self-defense.

Elizabeth: I want more Steph too. Without Jo. Stephanie being a badass surgeon and really making a name for herself and maybe also getting back out there romantically--I've been disappointed that it seems she's already forgotten about Wilmer Valderrama.

So what are your thoughts? Share your answers to the round table questions in the comments section below, and don't forget to check out Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 4 when it airs on Thursday, October 13th at 8/7c on ABC!

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