Grey's Anatomy Round Table: The Crossover Flopped, But Chandra Wilson Delivered!

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The special two-hour Station 19/Grey's Anatomy crossover took place, but all of our favorites survived the ordeal.

On Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 10, there was an engagement, another lawsuit, and a rite of passage for the latest residents.

Join TV Fanatics Meaghan Frey, Paul Dailly, Jasmine Blu, and Grey's Fanatic Berea Orange.

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Did the crossover event live up to the hype, and would you consider it a success?

Berea: It didn’t live up to the hype. It was okay, sure, but not as epic as they advertised it to be. I think it was a success in that it boosted Station 19’s ratings.

Meaghan: I'm going to be honest; I didn't watch the first half of the crossover event. I have never been able to get into Station 19, and it felt like I could get the gist of what happened by just watching Grey's.

However, even just looking at it from a purely Grey's perspective, it was a little bit of a letdown. It was a good episode, but not over the top amazing.

I am worried that with Station 19 being pushed into the 8 pm time slot, they are going to push more of these events on us to try to get more viewers to Station 19.

I understand that the One Chicago block has successfully been able to do this, but Grey's was an established show on its own for far too long to be able to try to switch up the approach now.

An Emergency - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 10

Paul: It was a failure. The Grey's Anatomy cast is being used to prop up Station 19, and I'm tired of it. Let Station 19 stand on its own two feet. If it can't, it shouldn't be an ongoing series.

Jasmine: It did not live up to the hype at all. And Meaghan, you didn't need to watch the Station 19 part to understand the Grey's part of everything. I found the first half very disappointing.

They are trying to make it a thing, but it's not working. They can't pull off the Chicago Universe crossovers.

It was designed to help Station 19 only, but it backfired, since the Grey's characters outshined on Station 19, and then none of Station 19 showed up in the Grey's part, so it wasn't a full-blown crossover.

Of all of GSM's own in peril, who were you most concerned about? Which person/case were/are you invested in the most?

Berea: I was most concerned about Helm. They made it seem like there would be a big death, and I thought it would be someone we cared about. To be honest, I was kind of disappointed there wasn’t a big death.

I was very interested in Parker’s PTSD episode. I’ve been dying for some good Parker content.

Brody: I'm okay. I want to help.
Bailey: Brody, those are your friends. 
Brody: That's why I want to help.

Meaghan: I too thought that we were going to get a death. The interns haven't suffered a major blow yet like the past intern groups. I feel like they are due for something, so while they might have all made it out of this one alive, I think something is coming soon for them.

In general, I was most concerned about Parker because of the PTSD aspect of things. A catastrophic event like this is a huge trigger, and I wasn't sure if Parker would recover as easily as he did.

I also really enjoyed all the newer cast coming together at the end. The new cast have all felt very expendable up until this point. It is nice for them to start developing them as more than just the annoying interns that are a thorn in the sides of the core cast.

Casey Parker - Grey's Anatomy

Paul: I cared for Helm the most. There was a lot of foreshadowing, and her admission of love certainly made it seem like she was going to die.

I felt like all of the cases were interesting. However, I think I would have liked a death. We need some conflict, you guys!

Jasmine: I was expecting someone to die, and we didn't get it. I mean, you don't wish death on a character, but it was set up to kill someone off, and they didn't do it. Why tease it that way at all?

I also think it's unfortunate that all the characters in peril were those who were shoved to the background for so long. Did anyone remember or care about Blake?

I was most concerned about and interested in Parker. He was always one of my favorite of the new interns, and I loved him getting more exploration, especially with his PTSD.

Owen finally proposed to Teddy. React.

Berea: I. Do. Not. Care. This is so stupid to me. Sure they’ve known each other forever, and she’s pined for him forever, but I don’t think they should rush into marriage.

If I were Teddy, I’d want to wait and make sure he’s not just dating her because she gave him the child he’s been so desperate for, for years. I will say I hope she goes back to Tom because I just think he deserves everything. And Jackson is the last person to give someone advice on committing.

What's in the Future? - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 10

Meaghan: I'm happy for them. The other day I was looking over old reviews I wrote for my blog and found one from when Teddy made an appearance when Megan Hunt came back.

That storyline was when I finally was able to see Teddy and Owen together and really root for them, so watching them finally take that next step was nice to see.

The problem is that it is tainted a little bit by the looming possibility of Owen being the father of Amelia's baby. For the sake of all couples involved, I hope it's Link's baby.

Owen: Teddy, this ring is my mom's. She gave it to me the day Alison was born, and I've been carrying it around in my pocket ever since. And I love you, and there is no perfect moment, and I am not a perfect man, but you are the perfect woman for me. So, Theodore Grace Altman, will you --
Teddy: Owen, no.
Owen: No? Is it Tom?
Teddy: Owen, stand up. Listen to me. You are not obligated to marry me. You do not have to do this. I want you to break the patterns not reinforce them.
Owen: I'm not repeating a pattern. I'm staring a new one. Loving you. Loving our family, with my whole heart every day. That's my new pattern. I love you. I love you. Tedd. Marry me. Marry me. Marry me, Teddy.

Paul: It was about time. The showrunner wanted them together from the get-go. That much was clear, but I am glad there is a progression for Owen. This proposal felt different.

Jasmine: Meh. I mean, I remember feeling that way about them too, Meaghan, back when Megan returned. I was rooting for them in Germany too.

Now, I just don't care anymore. Good for them, though. Hopefully, it's drama-free, so please, end this baby daddy thing.

On a scale of 1-10, how emotional was Bailey's breakdown with Richard?

Berea: A solid 10 across the board. Chandra Wilson is so good. This brought me back to the hospital shooting when she broke down at the elevators. She is so good at those scenes. I’m glad we got to see her and Ben feel and cope with this loss.

Strength through Pain - Tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 10

Meaghan: 10. Chandra is an incredible actress, and I love getting to see her shine. The moment of her, Meredith and Richard coming together was also a moment I loved.

They are officially the final three, so it is more important than ever for them to support each other.

I am hoping now that Bailey has opened up about her loss, that we have avoided the downward spiral that I feared she was heading into.

Richard: Bailey, everyone is fine.
Bailey: Everyone. Everyone. Everyone I touched today. Everyone I held in my hands, I gave to another surgeon to put back together again. Fine. To lose you, and Grey, Hunt, and Karev. Fine. I made that work. But this. This I --I am not fine. She isn't fine. And I can't even hold her in my hands or put her in someone else's hands or put her back together again, and she just was, and now she just isn't, and I can't do anything but stand here. Stand here and lose her.

Paul: 10. Chandra delivered the best performance I have ever seen, and I could feel the emotion there. It was heartbreaking, and I want her to get awards for that scene.

Jasmine: 10. It was the best moment of the entire two hours. It made the entire crossover worth it. Chandra Wilson is a powerhouse, and I hope she gets the recognition she deserves for her performance. I got choked up.

Should Amelia have told Link about the baby? How are you feeling about this "baby daddy'" arc?

Berea: Yes, she should. But I’m sure she will soon enough. This paternity issue is actually pretty annoying for me. Amelink was the only bright spot in this season so far, and they have to ruin it with Owen.

Link: So you had something you want to tell me?
Amelia: Uh, I didn't want to know, but, um, it's a boy. 

Meaghan: She really needs to. Of course, it is going to be a major blow to him now that he has come to terms with the idea of being a father, but he is a great guy, and he will be understanding about this.

It isn't like Amelia cheated on him. It was just potentially awkward timing. The longer Amelia waits to tell him, the worse it is going to be.

I need this storyline to be over and have a resolution one way or the other, hopefully with Link being the father.

Proud Dad, Or Not?  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 10

Paul: Yes! That was such an annoying scene. She clearly changed focus when she heard about Teddy and Owen. I don’t actually mind the plot, but we need some movement in it.

Jasmine: I'm in denial, so I would rather pretend it isn't happening, and that includes telling my precious Link that the baby he's looking forward to may not be his.

I'm so sick of this contrived, redundant, cheap storyline. It's stupid.

A Dilemma to Ponder - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 10

Amelia and Link are what I have consistently loved about the season, and they won't let them be happy. If they already gave Bailey a miscarriage, why couldn't they leave Amelia's pregnancy complication-free?

Burn it with fire.

Do you think Jo will want to pursue motherhood after her time spent with the baby? How do you think they'll carry on with her storyline in Alex's absence?

Berea: I’m sure Jo has some baby fever, so I’m very interested to see how Alex will get written off, and what they’ll do. They might kill him offscreen and send her back into a depression.

Meaghan: You would think the answer will be yes, but with the uncertainty surrounding Alex and how he will get written out, I'm not sure where this storyline is going.

I need them to let us in on how Alex is going to be "officially" written out. Right now we are stuck in limbo, and it doesn't feel right.

Mom Vibes  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 10

Paul: She wants a child, for sure, but I’m not sure where her head will be at. Alex is out of town, and she’s going to feel like she’s alone if he doesn’t arrive off-screen to, you know, leave for good.

Jasmine: I have no idea what's going on here anymore. What will they scramble to sort out? I don't know how they plan to resolve Alex's disappearance, but I can envision an adoption arc for Jo.

It's something about it coming full-circle that makes it potentially interesting, even if she does it alone.

Who was the MVP of the hour?

Berea: Miranda Bailey easily. End of discussion.

Meaghan: I'm with Berea, Miranda. She was incredible.

Paul: It’s a full house, er, table. Miranda Bailey was outstanding.

Jasmine: Miranda motherf*cking Bailey.

I'll give an honorary mention to Teddy for how she handled the Casey situation, too.

What was your favorite scene/moment/quote?

Berea: Richard: “Are you okay?”

Warren: “No. But Miranda comes first.”

Warren: Thanks for coming.
Richard: Thanks for calling. Well, she seems okay.
Warren: She's not. She says she is, but she's working through a miscarriage. She hasn't had time to break yet. I can't be there in that OR with her, so someone else who loves her needs to be there. In case she breaks.
Richard: Of course.
Warren: Thank you.
Richard: Warren are you okay?
Warren: No. But Miranda comes first.

Ben Warren is the best man who has ever graced the halls of Seattle Grace Mercy West Grey-Sloan, and I’ll stand by this statement until my dying day. Benley was the only inter show romance we ever needed.

Meaghan: I loved that moment too, Berea! It made me so mad that they took him away from Grey's. I have always loved Ben. Can they please cancel Station 19 and bring him back, or just have him be written out and go back to starring on Grey's?

I also loved Helm declaring her love for Mer.

Arriving for the Chaos - Tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 10

Paul: The interns chatting in the aftermath of the accident. They all survived the night. It was very reminiscent of early Grey’s.

Jasmine: Yes, Meaghan and Berea! I got a little emotional when Ben said that. Honestly, for as much as we raved about Miranda, I have to acknowledge that Ben Warren was the MVP of the Station 19 hour, and Jason George was amazing too.

Ben - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 1

But yes, aside from that, and Bailey's breakdown, I agree with Paul, I loved the final moments with the interns/residents. It did have the old-school Grey's Anatomy vibe, I love.

Over to you, Grey's Fanatics.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 10 Quotes

Link: Jo stole a baby.
Jo: I did not steal a baby.
Mer: That's what I said when I stole a baby.
Link: Why are people stealing babies?

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