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  • JO dyed her hair back, and she and Link are awkward now.
  • Nick has a big liver transplant.
  • Mer is prepping for the Hamlton surgery
  • Bailey gets an offer to run a training program in space
  • Richard goes to Levi's house and tells him about his toughest loss. Levi is still in a dark state.
  • Link has to get on Owen's case because he won't do rehab.
  • Tom arrives for Hamilton's surgery.
  • Mer convinces Hamilton to open the surgery up to the public.
  • Nick is bringing a liver to his patient and gives them the good news
  • Nick talks to the parents of the kid who died. He listens to stories about them.
  • Owen has a head issue and they call Amelia to do the surgery but Tom takes it insteead when she's in th emiddle of hers with Hamilton.
  • Nick gives a lesson to doctors about donors.
  • The surgery is a success.
  • Jo kisses Link again and decides that he may have to get out.
  • Webber doesn't succed at geting through to Levi.
  • Mer visits Nick in Minnesota.
  • Wright kisses Bailey after misreading a moment.
  • Kai is impressed with Amelia and how much she cares about the people in her life.
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Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 11 Quotes

People do crazy things when they're triggered or in a mental health crisis. When my phone rang today and it wasTom, I remembered that I made crazy decisions when I was triggered.


I'm not triggered, and I'm not in a mental health crisis. I stand by what I did and why I did it, but I love you, Teddy. I love you, and I'm glad it worked out.