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Audrey searches for William in order to break their connection on the season 4 finale. 

When Audrey gave Duke back his Trouble, she flashed back to a time when she and William were standing in some water, happy and kissing.

Duke kills the father of the baby and cures the family's curse so the baby can cry.

Duke walked away from Audrey, and Jennifer went to him.

Duke noticed that Audrey changed back into the woman that William has been waiting for, and he knows that William will not stop giving people Troubles or wanting Audrey to give people Troubles.

Jennifer tells Nathan, Duke and Audrey about the lighthouse and needing the four people who were born in another world to stand on the guard symbol to send William back.

Audrey knows that her original self was Mara and she is no one she would want to be. She did terrible things.

William is telling Audrey why she is being punished as Nathan tries to line of sight on William and his two thugs stop him. Audrey stops the thugs from hurting Nathan and puts them into the box.

Audrey remembers a time when Mara and William were dressed like Hansel and Gretel.

Dave has hidden the Haven adoption files.

Duke gets a bloody nose, and when his blood touches the ground it turns black.

Audrey pretends to want to give Nathan a Trouble so she can get close enough to him so he can knock her out, and knock William out, as well.

Dave knows he's the fourth person for the lighthouse because he's been to the other world.

Dave didn't want anyone to know because when the door opens he thinks he always gets pulled through it.

Nathan discovers a way to hurt William without hurting Audrey.

William tells Duke that when Audrey re-Troubled him she activated every Trouble his family ever absorbed and they're all going to come together to in an explosion of sorts.

When everyone tries to get Dave on the guard symbol, he tries to shoot Vince and Dwight absorbs the bullet instead.

A door opens on the portal and William says he is ready to negotiate. Dave walks into the hole that opened up and everyone tries to keep him from falling the rest of the way in.

William begs for mercy and Audrey says she's right, it's something she could never let anyone do to him, she had to do it herself. Audrey pushes William into the pit, electricity courses through their arms and the door closes. Jennifer dies, Duke starts to bleed out of his eyes and Audrey says he's as good as dead.

Mara reveals herself and asks who's going to help her get William back.

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Haven Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

The woman that William wants me to remember, my original self, her name is Mara.


Jennifer: You're living with an illegal alien, Duke.
Duke: Hey, I know a person who does green cards.