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William is determined to tell Audrey about her origins whether she wants to know or not. 

William kills three people to get Audrey's attention.

William wants Audrey to give someone a Trouble to see what it feels like. It's the only way she'll be able to solve the Trouble he caused. 

The family with the Trouble William wants Audrey to effect is the Harker family. Gloria's (the coroner) boyfriend's family. They cannot cry or someone will die. Their newborn has the curse, but they cannot teach it not to cry.

Vince, Dave, Duke and Jennifer try to discover who the heart of Haven might be. 

Dave was adopted.

William warns Audrey that her ability to save people with Troubles would no longer work, but she and Nathan test it anyway. She holds the crying baby and the mother dies.

William tells Nathan he's in over his head, but he doesn't want Audrey. He wants the original.

Audrey spots herself in the 1901 Haven Herald when the Harkers first had their Trouble.

Duke doesn't think Audrey should test the waters by falling off the wagon and creating a Trouble. Nathan says he has faith in her to give someone a Trouble without being drawn back into the cycle.

Audrey decides to kill the baby instead of making a Trouble, but William says he'll activate every child in the family under ten. Audrey agrees to make a Trouble.

The guard symbol on Vince's arm starts spinning like a compass, seemingly pointing toward the heart of Haven. The lighthouse.

Audrey gives Lincoln Harker a Trouble that is supposed to silence the babies cries, but it seems to backfire.

William convinces Audrey to continue giving Troubles to people until she gets it right. Duke is suspicious and knows Audrey felt her original self. 

Duke decides that Audrey should give him back the Crocker Curse so that he can fix the situation and she can stop giving other people troubles. 

Since Jennifer found the trap door into the heart of Haven, she believes with the right four people they can send William back  to where he came from. Duke insists on helping Audrey.

Just as Audrey goes to touch Duke's chest, the credits roll.

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Haven Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

You are Audrey Parker. You don't give people Troubles. You save them.


We're gonna have to start calling you Obi Wan. You're our only hope.