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Dolores' attorney hand delivers a letter to McGarrett. Bank robbers pressure a nurse, Sylvia, to treat one's gunshot wound at her apartment, threatening her son. A busboy notices her tension when returning the kid's toy and breaks in and takes out one of the robbers. Steve visits his father's grave. He shows Danny the cipher that Dolores sent. The busboy was working under an assumed name. The busboy breaks into a hotel room and sews up his wound. The dead man was the brother of Hector, a crime-syndicate leader. Thanks to DNA found by Adam, the busboy is identified as Lincoln Cole. He's AWOL from the military. Tani asks Danny about what's up with Steve. McGarrett and Junior visit Sergeant Major Phillips, who is protecting Cole, who escapes out the back. He and Steve battle until Junior catches up and they arrest him. McGarrett tells Cole he's being held because he's in the crosshairs of some dangerous people. Cole blames himself for the others in his unit getting killed since they got caught in an ambush based on the intel he received. Hector abducts Sylvia and her son and has an ultimatum broadcast to his brother's killer. Cole is willing to be exchanged for them, but McGarrett turns over Cole to the military police. Cole escapes from custody. He exchanges himself for Sylvia and her son, dropping his gun when they are clear. Five-0 joins the battle and it's soon over. Steve gets the charges against Cole dropped. Cole sees the cipher and offers to call an expert to help him. Danny and Steve have a serious conversation. McGarrett thinks he needs some time away to get some perspective. Danny suggests he go to New Jersey. Danny catches someone trying to steal Steve's cipher and gets beat up good.

Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 21 Quotes

The last thing I need in my life is another mystery.

McGarrett [to Danny]

McGarrett: How'd you find me?
Danny: I'm a cop.