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Daiyu Mei flashes back to the events that led to McGarrett's return to Hawaii. She spies on Steve's visit to his father's gravesite. Just as they are about to meet with Lincoln's expert about the cipher, Danny calls about a tail on him. They hear shots and find Danny's car on fire but he's not there. Tani reviews traffic footage in that area. Danny was abducted by Daiyu's men then the car was torched. Daiyu calls McGarrett and tells him the cipher is rightfully hers and she will exchange it for Danny. He agrees. Steve refuses backup. Daiyu doesn't bring Danny. McGarrett gives her the cipher. Danny escapes and shoots of Daiyu's men before the fifth shoots him in the shoulder. McGarrett finds Danny and rushes him to the hospital. Lincoln tells Steve he'll take the cipher to his expert and McGarrett assigns Quinn to go with him. But the expert has been taken. Danny is stable after surgery. Lincoln and Quinn track the car to a junkyard. The expert's body has been crushed with his car. Grover tells Lincoln to follow his hunch. Danny wakes up. Lincoln and Quinn call about the cracked cipher. It's coordinates for a cemetery on Oahu, where Steve thought his mom was buried. The cash inside her crypt is gone. They track Daiyu to the harbor. Daiyu attempts to dump a crate on Steve but misses. Even though she taunts him, he still has Lincoln arrest her. A week later, Danny is recuperating on the beach at Steve's house. McGarrett didn't keep the money. Steve is leaving to find peace. They hug. He tells Eddie to take care of Danny. The team shows up to say goodbye. Catherine, who cracked the cipher, joins McGarrett on his flight. Then they hold hands and look to the future.


Hawaii Five-0
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