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Grover and an old friend Clay go out for a night on the town. The next morning Grover gets a call from Clay saying his wife has died after falling off a cliff. 

Elsewhere on Hawaii another body is discovered in an office building and Danny and Mindy get trapped in the elevator. 

Grover revisits the scene of the crime and is met by Steve. Grover is suspicions over how Clay is talking about his wife's murder. Meanwhile, Danny is freaking out about being stuck in the elevator and reveals that he is very claustrophobic. 

Grover becomes obsessive about investigating the death of Clay's wife. He questions Clay about his wife and is suspicious that no one heard him screaming his wife's name. 

The team discovers no evidence that Clay and Diane had any problems in the their marriage. Grover tells the team a story about how Clay lied to their superior in school. 

Grover reveals to his wife that he is suspicious that Clay murdered Diane. Grover is about to sign Diane's death as an accident when his wife comes to his office and gives him Clay's phone. 

Pua finds Danny and Mindy in the elevator and calls for help. 

Grover arrests Clay for the murder of Diane. Danny arrests the victim's business partner. 



Hawaii Five-0
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Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Nothing takes your mind of your stomach like an autopsy.


Steve: Every day you and I see people at their worst so it is natural to be suspicious. But I gotta tell ya, there is nothing here that points to anything other than an accident as far as I can see.
Grover: And what about a cops intuition. Huh? What about that?
Steve: Well, I absolutely believe in that. But I also know that really bad things happen sometimes for no reason at all.