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Frank and Laurel had an argument, but they were shocked by Annalise calling Laurel to ask what was going on, but Laurel tried to play it cool. Annalise revealed she did not want him near the house or she would shoot him. 

Laurel told Frank she loved Wes and she was tired of waiting around on him. This caused Frank to leave to try redeem himself. He found the woman who got him to turn on Annalise and got ready to murder her, but he was warned against it. 

This caused him to call the number on a burner phone from her house, in order for Annalise to get the phone to Charles, who was in jail. Wes was in the stand testifying that he saw Charles at the crime scene. 

Charles' defense tried to get Wes's health brought up. This was thrown out and the tables were turned about the burner phone. 

Connor and Oliver had a fight about Thomas and Annalise, sending Connor back to Michaela's. While Asher answered Michaela's phone to her mother when she was ignoring it. 

Annalise confronted Frank and told him to kill himself, but Bonnie showed up to try get him to not do it. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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