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Annalise tried to force Frank to kill himself, but Bonnie managed to stop him and took him home with her. 

At class, Annalise gave the students their tests. She later revealed they had all passed and delivered champagne to them and a party got started. 

Wes and Laurel had an argument, leading Wes to leave to go to the police station when his lawyer invited him there. It was clear straight off the bat they were being ambushed in order to get Annalise sent away. 

Annalise got wind of this from her hairdresser and set out to get Nate. Nate thought she was lying, but his worst fears were confirmed when he spoke to Atwood. She tried to imply she had no part in it until Nate dumped her. 

He went to the police station, before finding out that Wes was in the room. The police officer caught him snooping. 

Annalise realized she would need to do something in order to save everyone, so she called the students and told them to get to her place, but she went to Oliver to ask for his help. 

Nate walked into the house, followed by Laurel and then it blew up. We got caught up to the flash-forwards and it was revealed that Wes was the one under the sheet and that he had been murdered before the fire. 


How to Get Away with Murder
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