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Annalise took on her former cellmate, Jasmine and found out that she was failed by the justice system at age 13. Annalise found out it was down to her race and asked the judge to take mercy and wipe her convictions. 

The judge sealed the convictions and allowed Jasmine to move on with her life. 

Bonnie tried to get Nate on her side, but he did not believe she had good intentions while working in the office. He eventually warmed to her when he found Annalise struggling to get files. 

The Keating 4 tried to find themselves internships, but Simon trashed them every step of the way. Michaela was the only one who landed one and Laurel revealed she needed her help to take down her father. 

She revealed to Michaela that he killed Wes and was represented by Michaela's firm. 

In the future, Bonnie shows up at Annalise's house with the police and finds blood on the elevator. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Oliver: What’s your best assets?
Connor: You know what my greatest asset is.

Jasmine: I can’t afford you, Annalise.
Annalise: You can’t afford free?
Jasmine: You one crazy ass bitch. I will give you that.