How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Does Annalise Die?!?

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The drama is heating up. 

On How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 2, another trip to the future revealed there was a scuffle at Annalise's hotel room.

TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Toshia Smith, Justin Carreiro and Whitney Evans, discuss the new case, Bonnie's reaction and more. 

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What did you think of the case of the week?

Jasmine: I loved it. Jasmine is one of the reasons Annalise made it through prison, and it was nice that she caught a break for once in her life. It fell into line with matters that I'm passionate about, so by the time Annalise made her argument I was beside myself. I liked how it tied in with Annalise's past.

Tosh: As unrealistic as the outcome was, it was a touching story. I’ve worked in criminal courts, and I can tell you firsthand that some states just recently started treating minors as victims rather than criminals in solicitation cases. Jasmine is a great character. I felt myself tear up when she was talking about how her father sold her. I hope we never see her character again only because it means she has her life together. 

Justin: This case was a nice change of pace from the complex murder trials we usually see from the past three seasons. It's great to see Annalise give back to a friend and help them out in need. She didn't need to help; she did it because she wanted to and it was for a good reason. I like this nicer side of Annalise.

Whitney: I thought this show had forgotten about cases of the week! I agree with Justin; it was nice to see a different side of Annalise. This was a case close to her heart, and she was truly doing it to help someone. 

Laurel's Revenge - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 2

What's your take on Bonnie's reaction to the blood?

Jasmine: Bonnie is a complete and utter mystery to me. I honestly don't know!

Tosh: Bonnie looked confused. She probably thought that she hopes it’s not Annalise’s blood since no one can find her. 

Justin: I don't get it. Bonnie has seen multiple murders at this point, so it's not a new occurrence to her. This must have something to do with a bigger, overall murder plot.

Whitney: I have no idea what to make of her reaction. I'm just hoping we're not headed down another Annalise is wounded storyline. 

Looking for the Truth - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 2

Will Michaela have to tell Asher the truth about Laurel's father?

Jasmine: Yes. Michaela and Asher have the most healthy relationship on the show. I don't see her keeping the truth from him for very long. Plus, in this world, not knowing the truth and being out of the loop can be pretty dangerous in the long run. 

Tosh: Michaela will spill the secret somehow. If she doesn’t tell Asher, then he will be hurt that she doesn’t trust him, and I don’t see her keeping something like that from him. They have way bigger secrets they’ve shared with each other. Who knows, maybe Asher can help out with taking down Laurel’s father.  

Justin: Eventually Michaela will tell Asher. Laurel's information will be kept a hidden for a short while, but the secret will come out. They have an interesting relationship together, and it's not one of keeping secrets. She will tell him.

Whitney: Michaela and Asher are at a really good place in their relationship, and I would hope that Michaela would confide in him. However, Laurel may or may not want him in the loop, and that could stop Michaela from telling him.

What did you think of Oliver's business idea?

Jasmine: I loved it. Oliver is so adorable. I think it's an incredibly smart idea on his part and a great way to take advantage of his connection to the Keating 4 all this time. He has the connections now and a built-in clientele. I loved the name too.

Tosh: I agree. Oli is so adorable. Connor doesn’t deserve him. I can see him using his tech skills to hack into the firm that Michaela now works for. 

Justin: I'm on the fence about this. His business idea is a ploy to free him up to perform any task the Keating 4, as well as Annalise, asks for. Oliver is a smart guy; he could find a job somewhere else. He doesn't need to be pulled into these mysteries again.

Whitney: Oliver is so cute. And while I'm glad he's taking the initiative to do something for himself, I'm sure he will be drawn back into the Keating 5 drama soon enough. 

Will Annalise be romantically linked to the therapist?

Jasmine: God, I hope not. It's unethical, Annalise does not need to be in a relationship right now when she's working so hard to improve and find her way, and it would be too much like Sam. Just, no. 

Tosh: I don’t think she will be romantically linked to the therapist, but I can see him helping her out of a bind in the way Nate used to. I’m curious about who the therapist was talking to at the beginning of the episode. Is he possibly working for someone who wants Annalise gone? 

Justin: No. I agree with Jasmine that this would be too much like Sam and she really does need to be on her own. The therapist will definitely be involved in something and may develop a friendship with her, but it's not something romantic.

Whitney: Maybe I watch too much tv, but my gut tells me you don't bring in Jimmy Smits to just be Annalise's friend. I do agree that it would just be a Sam retread, but I feel pretty confident that their relationship will be much deeper and complex than a typical therapist-patient relationship.

What's your take on the questions? Join us in the comments. 

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Oliver: What’s your best assets?
Connor: You know what my greatest asset is.

Jasmine: I can’t afford you, Annalise.
Annalise: You can’t afford free?
Jasmine: You one crazy ass bitch. I will give you that.