How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Who Is That Kid?!

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Well, that was certainly a way to close a season!

How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 15 closed with the mother of all revelations. A kid appeared at Middleton to join the law course. 

Is it Annalise's son? 

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Whitney Evans and Justin Carreiro discuss the big twist and how much steam the show has left. 

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Who is that kid at Middleton University? 

Jasmine: We're led to believe that he is perhaps Bonnie's son. It feels like the likely scenario.

It would give her something meaty next season, as she has been lacking this season, and she's on the way to being somewhat happy, so why not drop a bombshell like that?

But I could make a similar argument for him being Annalise's kid too. I'm leaning towards Bonnie though. 

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Whitney: I assumed it was Bonnie's son, just because of Nate finding Denver's Bonnie file and seeing that her child was alive. But what I really want to know is how Frank knew who he was? Why does Frank know everything?

Justin: I agree with the others too about it being Bonnie’s son. All of the signs point to him returning and this reveal will no doubt cause a lot of drama for Bonnie in the next season.

Michaela's Big Plan - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 15

Should we be worried about what Laurel is capable of right about now?

Jasmine: I have been worried about Laurel and what she's capable of since the previous season. Jorge and Sandrine are awful, but there may be some truth to their feelings about Laurel, and she totally killed her mom.

She certainly has taken Connor's place for me as far as problematic Keating  4 members who get on my nerves.

Whitney: Laurel has been a wildcard for awhile and I stopped being worried about her at some point last season. I totally agree with you, Jasmine! She somehow snuck in and became more annoying than Connor.

Justin: Laurel has become more chaotic as the series has gone on. We need to be worried because she’s become an unpredictable character who could do anything since she has nothing to lose. I do agree with the others that she is a tad annoying.

Laurel Needs Her Child Back - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 15

Did Michaela go too far in her attempt to get rid of Simon? 

Jasmine: Absolutely! Yes! It was appalling and I'm still reeling from that move. Michaela has disappointed me so much this season, but that needlessly cruel move took the cake. 

Whitney: Michaela has lost it. One of the most memorable quotes from this series is in the pilot, when Michaela says in response to seeing Annalise, "I wanna be her."

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Michaela has been trying to be Annalise for so long, but the Annalise of today isn't the Annalise of old. The new Annalise would never have done that to Simon, but Michaela isn't interested in being that person.

Justin: Yes! She didn’t just go too far, she practically jumped over the line. I like Michaela, but it was disappointing to see her do that.

Nate Is Ready to Win - How to Get Away with Murder Season 4 Episode 15

What will Annalise do now that she's won the case?

Jasmine: Go on vacation?! Play surrogate Auntie to Christopher? I don't know, she should take a breather or take on some more feel-good cases that will help her feel like she's absolving herself of her sins, but now she has this mysterious kid to deal with.

Whitney: The season left off on a kind of odd note. And besides the mysterious kid, everything was kind of tied up nicely so I actually don't know where she goes from here. Would the show dare to go back to cases of the week?

Justin: I agree with Jasmine that she should take a rest. Annalise has done a lot of good since reaching her lowest point, so she deserves to rest and take a break from all the chaos that happened in her life.

Annalise Is Back - How to Get Away with Murder

How much more life do you think the series has left in it?

Jasmine: Hmm. They're pushing it already. Now that Scandal is over, and depending on how well For the People does, I'm thinking they have one season, maybe two left, but that's it.

Whitney: I think next season may be the last and I would be okay with it. I think this was a decent season but twisty shows like this can only survive so long before they become caricatures of themselves.

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Justin: There is potentially one or two more seasons left. As compared to previous seasons, this one didn’t have a gripping mystery, so it begs the question if there are more stories to tell.

The characters have completely changed and grown since the beginning; the last thing we’d want is for things to be drawn out.

Grade HTGAWM Season 4!

Jasmine: I'm going to give it a C+. It took too long for a resolution regarding Wes' death, and honestly,  it still was unsatisfactory. I lost interest in all things, Castillo, early on, so none of that has done anything for me.

I mostly loved Annalise's journey getting sober, her class action case, and her partnership with Connor. 

Whitney: B. I enjoyed the addition of Jimmy Smits, and I thought the back half of the season made up for the slow start.

Justin: This was a C for me. As I mentioned above, the big mystery didn’t pull me in like the previous ones, and most of the times, it felt like filler.

Annalise had great development, and the Keating 4 did have some good scenes, but this season was not the best of the series.

Okay, How to Get Away with Murder Fanatics. What did you think of the big twists?

Hit the comments below. 

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