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Michaela was shocked when Mr. Castillo showed up at Caplan and Gold, and he called Laurel right after asking to meet her. 


Asher showed up at the office after learning that she was lying to him. Tegan took an interest in him because of the way he acted. 


Michaela lied, saying Laurel wanted her to be her birthing partner. 


Annalise was shocked to learn Claudia’s family home was being taken by the city because she sold drugs from inside. 


Annalise turned to the D.A’s office and basically called them horrible for their part in all of it. 


Laurel found out that the company was going public and it meant big pay days for her and her family. 


Laurel then realized that her father got Wes killed so there was no bad news before the announcement. 


Asher gifted Laurel with a teddy that had a camera in it to find out the truth about what was happening. 


He flipped out and turned up at Bonnie’s house looking for Frank. 



Annalise was in the shower in the future with blood all over her. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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