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Annalise tells Tegan that they suspect Emmett had Nate Senior killed. She suggests Annalise use the fact that Emmett has a crush on her to get more information. 

Laurel goes to Agent Telesco to find out who is calling her, but Telesco wants more information on Annalise and the rest of the students in exchange for immunity. 

Annalise and Nate try to prove that Emmett visited Nate Senior in jail. 

Annalise sends Michaela to Gabriel's apartment to convince him to stop his mother from visiting. 

Connor and Oliver file a motion to get Oliver's computer back from the FBI. They fail at first, but once they discover the judge may have signed the warrant while she was out drinking, the judge vacates the motion. 

When they get the laptop back, they see the flow chart Telesco has in her office of Operation Bonfire. 

Emmett and Annalise go to dinner and it goes disastrously. Later, he shows up at her apartment and tells her that he heard her conversation with Tegan and proclaims that he didn't kill Nate Senior. 

After bribing the warden, Bonnie, Nate, and Frank look at footage from the prison and see that the person who visited Nate Senior was Laurel's brother, Xavier. 

Meanwhile, Laurel receives a package that contains what appears to be her missing mother's hair. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

I'm telling you to use the gift your mama gave you. Or drive yourself crazy with not knowing.

Tegan [to Annalise]

Gabriel: Look, I...I'm just really confused right now. I feel alone.
Annalise: It's called adulthood, Gabriel. Every single one of us is alone all the time. Accept it now and you'll save yourself a lot of pain later.
Gabriel: Thanks for the advice.