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Annalise gives her students their final exam question, in which they have 10 minutes to argue their case against her. The winner will receive $64,000. 

One week earlier, the Nate Lahey Sr. wrongful death suit is set to begin and the Governor is on television declaring her innocence. 

Annalise warns Bonnie against going forward, but she doesn't listen. Annalise gets Frank to leak Bonnie's phone record to the state, who then calls into question her conflict of interest in regards to the case and her relationship with Miller. After Miller's mother testifies, Bonnie is kicked off the case and Tegan takes over. 

Tegan calls the Governor to the stand first and links he car to Miller's apartment a few days before Senior's death. However, the governor implicates one of her aides having taken the vehicle multiple times and links her to a man that lives nearby Miller. 

After this setback, Annalise instructs Tegan, Nate, and Bonnie to go after Miller by putting Bonnie on the stand. 

Once on the stand, she tells the state to grant her source immunity as a means to learn the truth. The state agrees to offer the prison guard, Gladden, immunity in exchange for her testimony. 

Bonnie's brakes are cut in her vehicle and she gets into a car accident. 

Annalise tells Frank that they need Gladden, to tell the truth on the stand, so Frank threatens her. On the stand, Tegan gets Gladden to admit that Xavier Castillo was the one who ordered the hit on Senior. 

The state offers Nate ten million dollars in a settlement, but he insists that he follow through with bringing down the governor. 

Flashing back to the students final examine, Asher wins the money.

Annalise is seen at her apartment talking to a mysterious person who is instructing her how to erase her hard drive and leave her apartment undetected. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Annalise: Congrats. The governor knows your name now.
Bonnie: Nate was gonna file this with or without me. At least this way we're the ones managing him.
Annalise: And who's managing you?
Bonnie: That's not why you're here right now?

Bonnie: What?
Nate: You're good.
Bonnie: You're just realizing that?