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Annalise and Robert talk on the phone while he tries to convince her to agree to another date. A woman mistakenly knocks on her door and Annalise panics. 

The Keating students set up cameras in their home. 

Gabriel is the first chair on a case involving a high-school teacher that shot and killed a student he believed was going to attack his classroom. Gabriel wants to have a restorative justice trial, and after getting the defendant, David, onboard, Annalise and Asher get the grandparents of the deceased to participate. 

Nate and Tegan intend to go through with the wrongful death suit, but Annalise tasks Frank with scaring Tegan into not filing it. Frank sends her pictures of Cora as a threat and she resigns from being Nate's lawyer. 

At the trial, it's revealed that the teenage victim David shot knew he was gay and questions arise as to whether that's why David shot him. The victim's grandparents can't bring themselves to forgive David, and he ends up accepting the plea deal of 25 years. 

With a month having passed since Michaela and Asher slept together and she broke up with Gabriel, she admits to him that she cheated and the two men get into a physical fight. 

Bonnie becomes Nate's attorney and files the wrongful suit on his behalf. The Governor then tells Xavier to dig up information on Bonnie, and he calls the lady who knocked on Annalise's door earlier, revealing her to be a mole. 

The flashforward shows Oliver at the police station. Frank attempts to get him to leave, but Oliver than proclaims himself to be a murderer to the police. 

How to Get Away with Murder
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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Gabriel: It is scary as hell to be a teacher in America today.
David: It's scarier to be a student. And I just made it worse for mine.

Bonnie: You're gonna give yourself a hernia. Or is that what you want? Me to have to spend more time in the hospital with you?
Frank: I wanna look good for when you're finally ready for me.