How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 8 Review: I Want to Be Free

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Is it better to protect a lie to spare the person you love? Or should you always tell the truth?

That was a major question throughout How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 8, but you could also make the case that's a question that's been haunting everyone throughout the entire series. 

For Annalise and Frank, the answer became clear when Bonnie almost lost her life. 

Turning Around - How To Get Away With Murder Season 6 Episode 8

As is often the case with this show, crucial details and scenes from episodes past got reintroduced and plugged into the current narrative. 

The wrongful death suit brought the governor front and center, and it also brought Miller's mother and the officer involved in Nate Senior's death back to the action. 

You have to canvass your memory to remember how everyone fits into the story, but the show does a good job of reminding you or certain scenes and conversations, so you're not completely lost. 

Tegan Presents - How To Get Away With Murder Season 6 Episode 8

The governor was doing her smug television tour where she passed the blame onto others and pretended like she was unbothered by the likes of Nate and Annalise and anyone else trying to bring her down. 

When Bonnie and Nate introduced the evidence linking her car to Miller's apartment, it sounded too good to be true. And that's exactly what it turned out to be. 

You can say many things about the governor, and most of them would be unflattering. But you can't say she isn't savvy and smart. She will throw whoever she needs to throw under the bus to remain on top. 

Annalise has always had her number, and as much as she tried to stay away from the case, she couldn't help but insert herself along the way. And every move she made was made to protect Bonnie. 

Annalise In Purple - How To Get Away With Murder Season 6 Episode 8

Which leads us back to that question about protecting your lies. 

Frank and Annalise were holding on dearly to the lie that Miller ordered Senior's death because it allowed both Bonnie and Nate to feel as though in some twisted way their actions were justified. 

And considering how fragile Bonnie was after Miller's death, it was a decision made out of love for her. 

But once Bonnie was almost killed by the Castillo's it became clear to Annalise that the truth needed to come out. 

Upside Down - How to Get Away with Murder

We all have thoughts about the Frank and Bonnie romance and its legitimacy, but if we're going to lock in and believe this idea that Bonnie is the love of Frank's life, then he owed her the truth. 

Getting Gladden to tell the truth on the stand was a way to bring Nate justice and go after the person who has played a role in all the devastation. 

Bonnie is, of course, upset and rightfully so. She loved Miller, and she had to come to terms with believing he played her. And now she will have to come to terms with discovering that he was an innocent man. 

For Nate, given the look he shot Annalise after he heard Gladden's testimony, he's reeling. And his vendetta against the governor hasn't dissipated at all.

Serious Nate - Hot To Get Away With Murder Season 6 Episode 8  - How to Get Away with Murder

Nate isn't a terrible person, but he seems to have amnesia and forgets about the role he played in everything and how he's actions impact others. 

Bonnie had her reasons for doing what she did, but she helped him cover up a murder. And he may have no care about his fate, but the more and more he goes after the governor, the more and more he puts her in danger. 

You don't get to hurt her, anymore.

Frank [to Nate]

Frank wasn't wrong to call him out about his treatment of Bonnie. It's not entirely his fault or anything, but he seems to be on a one-man wrecking crew and isn't thinking about anything but himself. 

While all hell was breaking loose inside and outside the courtroom, the students were getting ready for finals, while also dealing with their own personal drama. 

Asher and Michaela have always been a popular couple, but they've been apart for a while now. And whatever they're trying to do with this Asher/Michaela/Gabriel love triangle isn't working. 

Michaela seems to be all over the place in terms of what she wants, as she wants to remain single but is openly pining over Gabriel. That isn't sitting well with Asher, but instead of giving her space to figure things out, he's coming on pretty thick. 

Not unlike Gabriel was during How To Get Away With Murder Season 6 Episode 7

Both men care about her, but can they leave her alone for a little bit?

Bonnie On The Stand - How To Get Away With Murder Season 6 Episode 8

Oliver continued to be his lovable self going above and beyond to remind his friends about the good they have inside them. And it was sweet to see him believe in them more than they believe in themselves. 

Considering we already know what's to come, it was nice to see them smiling, surrounded by puppies, and having a semi-normal experience for once. 

We don't get enough of those feel-good moments ever. 

For those of you who guessed that Annalise faked her death, it feels like you guys were on the right track. Although, you truly never know what kinds of twists and turns the How To Get Away With Murder gods have up their sleeves. 

Annalise Smiles - How To Get Away With Murder Season 6 Episode 8

The most interesting part of the final scene was finding out that some kind of struggle took place in Annalise's apartment. Yet, we know the crime scene is Asher and Gabriel's apartment building. 

So what the heck happened at Annalise's?

We'll have to wait to find out that answer, but we don't have to wait for my prediction on who the dead informant is. 

I think it's Nate. He's escaped death far too many times and they gave him a second-life on this show when they introduced the story with his dad. 

Frank Looks On - How To Get Away With Murder Season 6 Episode 8

It's just starting to feel like it's his time to go. 

Everything Else You Need To Know 

  • With only a few episodes to go, are they going to at all tie up this whole 'Laurel is missing' story?
  • We don't need to see Jorge ever again, but it would be interesting to know what exactly he did for Tegan to owe him so much. 
  • Robert is so likable, which means something is probably up with him and he's either going to be crooked or be killed. 

Okay, guys, it's time to make your final predictions heading into the fall finale!

Notoriously this finale will give us a ton of answers and yet leave us completely confused as to what's coming next!

Who is the FBI informant? And who killed them?

Do you care about any of the romances?

Did Annalise fake her death?

Let me know EVERYTHING you're thinking in the comments! And make sure you watch How to Get Away with Murder online so you can give us your predictions!


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I Want to Be Free Review

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Annalise: Congrats. The governor knows your name now.
Bonnie: Nate was gonna file this with or without me. At least this way we're the ones managing him.
Annalise: And who's managing you?
Bonnie: That's not why you're here right now?

Bonnie: What?
Nate: You're good.
Bonnie: You're just realizing that?