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Liv and Peyton reunite, and Peyton apologizes for bolting.

Lacey, a murdered country girl, becomes Liv's next meal, when they suspect she was murdered by her boyfriend.

At the precinct, Babineaux meets FBI agent, Dale Bozzio, who is in town investigating Major's murder spree. 

Peyton accidentally crashes Ravi's date, and Ravi is surprised to hear that Major offered to let her stay with them until she finds a place to live. 

Liv has a vision of Rick, Lacey's booker, 

Blaine worries about his missing customers that Major has been killing. He finds the drug dealer who was cutting the tainted Utopium and tries to convince him to give up the recipe. 

Peyton offers various criminals parole deals if they will turn on Mr. Boss, but they won't roll on him.

Babineaux and Liv interrogate Rick, and his wife confesses that he has no alibi. Later, sparks fly between Babineaux and Dale. 

Liv performs on stage a song she wrote about Lacey, 

Major continues to take Utopium to deal with the stress of murdering innocents, and Liv shows up to confront him about her feelings. She admits that she will never stop loving him, but she needs to let him go. 

The dog Major adopted (after killing his master) runs away, which causes Ravi to suspect something is wrong with Major. 

Blaine turns Gabrielle, the Utopium creator, into a zombie with the hopes of getting the secret recipe out of him. Next, he visits Peyton and reveals all of Mr. Boss's illegal activities. 

Lacey's murder turns out to be a wrong-time-wrong-place random situation, which upsets Liv.

Major shows up at Liv's door and asks for help. He and Liv kiss. 

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