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Major and Liv are back together, but Ravi is concerned about the STD version of zombie-ism.

The gambler from Babineaux's previous case gets killed in a drive by, which Clive barely survives. They find out he was about to testify in a murder trial, making his murder an assasination. 

Babineaux consults Dale about the brains Suzuki's wife gave him, and they run into Major and Liv. Liv explains that the FBI is in town investigating all the zombie murders, and Major gets nervous. 

Blaine's father shows up at the morgue and reveals he knows Blaine is human again. He orders Blaine to kill his business rival's son.

Liv and Babineaux visit their victim's bookie, and Liv can't help herself from betting on an upcoming horse race.

At Blaine's funeral home, Babineaux runs into Clive Owens, their victim's old college buddy, and Liv gets a vision of him begging for money. 

Peyton's work on the Mr. Boss case gets dangerous when Stacey Boss, himself, shows up at her office. He tries to bribe and intimidate her to drop the case. 

Babineaux finds a cocaine stash in their murder suspects belongings. 

Liv and Major get creative with their no-sex policy by going for a skype strip session to help them keep their hands off each other. 

When they realize Calvin Owens used to shave points of his games in college and their victim was blackmailing him, Liv and Babineaux solve their case. 

Ravi discovers that the zombie virus can't be stopped by condoms, meaning Liv and Major can't ever have sex.

Blaine agrees to get brains for Angus and then murders his sickly grandfather, intending to feed his brains to his father instead. Unfortunately, Major kidnaps Angus before he gets the chance to deliver the brains. Instead of killing him though, Major puts him on ice with several other zombies he's refused to kill. 

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Babineaux: Nothing heroic about not getting shot.
Ravi: Did you soil yourself?
Babineaux: No.
Ravi: Then it's heroic in my book.

Ravi: It won't always be this nauseating, right?
Major: Suffer, bitch.