iZombie Round Table: What's Up with Major's Frightening Freezer?

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iZombie continues to impress with one whirlwind episode after another.

The season has really hit its stride with action packed episodes, and iZombie Season 2 Episode 6 was no different. Today the round table discusses Major and Liv's no-sex-allowed policy, whether or not Blaine deserves his redemption arc, and just how creepy Mr. Boss's chilling introduction to the series was. 

Join TV Fanatics Whitney Carson, Caralynn Lippo, and Lindsay MacDonald, along with Tell-Tale TV guest, Lyra Hale, for the discussion! Don't forget to leave your own answers in comments below! 

Izombie Round Table

Favorite joke/scene/quote of the episode?

Lyra: Favorite scene was Ravi testing dozens of condom brands to see if his friends could have sex. The level of commitment that he has for the people that he cares for is amazing! And when he got home and saw all the clothes? *HUGS RAVI* He was worried and bolted up those stairs because he loves those Major and Liv. He'd do anything so they wouldn't get hurt.

Whitney: The awkward run-in between Liv, Babineaux and their dates was a light moment. Considering how much time they spend together, it's hard to forget they only know each other in the context of working cases.

Caralynn: I really liked the scene where Liv unknowingly met Mr. Boss in the barber shop. So tense, so creepy. It was a great introduction to the character.

Lindsay: I actually loved seeing Blaine and Liv level with each other, even if Blaine was three sheets to the wind. I enjoy seeing the more reflective moments of Blaine's character.

What do you think of Major and Liv's no-sex-allowed conundrum?

Lyra: It's different and I like it. I've never seen cybersex dealt with such intimacy. Just the thought of it sounds so raunchy and straight out of an adult film. But...it's not. It's a tasteful exchange between two people who are trying to figure out how to live and love together after finding each other again.

Whitney: Their first official episode as a couple did not disappoint! I am all aboard this love train. I think it will be hard for them, but their love seems really strong. And as Major pointed out, there are other avenues to explore.

Caralynn: I agree with Lyra, the cyber sex was tastefully done. Robert Buckley and Rose McIver have such lovely chemistry (though honestly I think Rose has chemistry with just about everyone on the show). I wasn't expecting to like the Liv/Major relationship in action as much as I do, which is really a credit to the actors. Their relationship is so believable, you can really feel the history between them. And also the passion that they've had bottled up for 1+ years now.

Lindsay: I think it's definitely going to be an obstacle going forward for them, but they did a great job of showing that their relationship is built on emotion and intimacy rather than any physical connection, which I think might save them.

Blaine had an... interesting episode. Has your opinion of him changed at all?

Lyra: It has! Dare I say it? I...feel pity for him! He was the badass last year. Now he has someone coming around and stealing all that he owns and has earned because they think he's a disappointment. Everyone understands the brunt of paternal shame. It opens up a completely different side of Blaine that we can sympathize with. I kind of like it. Makes me wonder how far they'll go with it before I hate him again or ship him...WITH LIV!

Whitney: You wouldn't be the first person to ship Blaine and Liv, Lyra. I just can't see a universe where Liv allows herself to be seduced by Blaine, but I guess I should never say never. Now about Blaine, his pity party was interesting and it gave us a better understanding of where he came from, but there's really just no excuse for the way he lived his life as a zombie.

Caralynn: They are really going hard with the Blaine redemption tour. I remember reading that Rob Thomas was sort of alarmed at the idea of Liv and Blaine having any kind of romantic connection because he is a murderer and Liv just wouldn't allow herself to do that. I suspect that maybe they're backtracking now that they've seen fan response to the David Anders/Rose McIver chemistry?

Honestly the two of them are a couple of chemistry powerhouses so it's not surprising that the interactions between them are so electric. (Can you tell I'm long-haul shipping Blaine/Liv? It's going to happen if the show goes on long enough, I'm basically sure of it. See: Logan/Veronica and Buffy/Spike for how this will be done.)

Lindsay: I'm totally on the other side of the board than the rest of the round table. Blaine showed us a hint of his inner pain and insecurity… and then he MURDERED HIS FREAKING GRANDPA! I think this episode was a perfect depiction of why fans adore Blaine, and also why he's pretty obviously undeserving of that adoration. Well done iZombie writers!

What the heck is Major doing with a freezer full of zombies?!

Lyra: Preparing for a beautiful meal at Christmas of course! No? Zombie popsicles? No!? Well, I guess he must be keeping them there until he bucks up and tells Liv what's going on. Or until he finds something that gives him an advantage over Max Rager. Either way it's TV, it's going to SPIRAL OUT OF CONTROL IN AN EPIC EXPLOSION! *deep breath* I can't wait.

Whitney: I have absolutely no idea. I'm not sure why some zombies get killed and others get placed in the freezer. Are the freezer zombies more valuable or something? I need some answers here.

Caralynn: Are the freezer zombies even alive? Is that a thing? Can zombies survive rudimentary cryogenic freezing? Basically, I have so many questions and am super intrigued. I have no idea what the heck Major is doing, but I hope he has a plan.

Lindsay: Canonically we've seen that zombies can come back from being frozen, so I think Major is just trying to save as many innocent lives as he can. I'm just not sure how long he'll be able to keep that up though. He's not exactly a criminal mastermind.

Mr. Boss has appeared and he's scary as hell. What do you make of him?

Lyra: I'm not intimidated. That little bit in the barber shop just made him look like a creeper that peeks under girls skirts. In fact, I was waiting for him to burst out in laughter at any moment! When it didn't happen I forgot about him. When he popped up at Peyton's office I still wasn't feeling the threat. Came off more as a hobbit from the shire who steals expensive silverware from Bilbo Baggins home.

Whitney: I couldn't really take him seriously because I'd just watched Ocean's Eleven the other day and he's so non-threatening in that, I couldn't separate the two. I just kept waiting for him to get all sweaty and twitchy like he does in the movie. I'm interested to see what Peyton does now that she's been threatened. I'm think there will be more Blaine and Peyton interactions in the near future.

Caralynn: The show is trying really, really hard to make him seem creepy. I think they did that successfully in the barber shop introduction to Liv (when we didn't see his face for a long while and he recounted how he would convince someone to off themselves – very maniacal). The Peyton confrontation was not in the least creepy.

I hate to say it, but it might have had something to do with the fact that Aly Michalka towered over him? I don't know, I'm torn. He has potential to be a great villain, though I sort of would have preferred Blaine's dad as the major antagonist of the season. Looks like that's not happening now that he's been iced.

Lindsay: Again, I'm at odds with you guys! I thought the barber shop scene was chilling, and the follow up with Peyton even more so. I think Mr. Boss's almost cuddly exterior makes him an unassuming villain that we should all be on the lookout for!

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Babineaux: Nothing heroic about not getting shot.
Ravi: Did you soil yourself?
Babineaux: No.
Ravi: Then it's heroic in my book.

Ravi: It won't always be this nauseating, right?
Major: Suffer, bitch.