iZombie Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Max Wager

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Don't you just hate it when you murder your grandpa in order to trick your dad into reliving his torturous final moments, but then your stupid dad goes and gets himself zombie-napped? 

Let it never be said that the life of a Seattle zombie was boring.

Other standout moments on iZombie Season 2 Episode 6 include Liv and Major's near-miss sexcapades, basketball star/guest star Calvin Owens, and Major's freezer full of secrets. 

For the first time in a long time, iZombie actually managed to snare me with its 'crime of the week' procedural element. Maybe it was the connection to the previous murder from last week's episode, or maybe it was the way this crime seamlessly integrated Mr. Boss into the works. Whatever it was, it was amazing.

Too often, iZombie's murder subplots feel like a means to an end, but this gambling frenzy gone wrong managed to hit all the right notes. 

They even managed to draw Peyton in at the last minute to score a win! 

Two people who are not scoring, however, are Major and Liv. A 'no sex because I might turn you into a zombie with my vagina' rule seems like the good way to go for most couples. Their rekindled romance did provide quite a few long-awaited shipper scenes between the two characters though, including an adorable ice-cream date, a saucy skype session, and a pretty cute morning after in the kitchen with the whole gang.

Ravi: It won't always be this nauseating, right?
Major: Suffer, bitch.

Somehow, I don't think their lack of a sex life is going to be what breaks them apart in the end. Once the zombie-assassin cat is out of the bag, Liv might not care so much that she and Major never got the opportunity to get jiggy with it again.

Let's just hope that Gilda doesn't get wind of their reconciliation. She seems like the jealous type.

Though she might be more concerned with Major's FREEZER FULL OF TOTALLY NOT DEAD ZOMBIES rather than the recent changes in his romantic life. 

Admittedly, I'm pretty damn relieved that Minor's owner is not, in fact, dead. Dog lovers everywhere can stop worrying about Minor's clear case of separation anxiety – what, like it hasn't been on your mind? We're lucky that dog hasn't pulled a homeward bound yet! But keeping your zombie targets alive instead of killing them is probably not a smart move when you have seriously evil masterminds like Vaughn Du Clark and Gilda Du Clark breathing down your neck.

Watch yourself, Major! 

Speaking of evil, let's talk about Mr. Boss. 'Creepy' doesn't really seem like a fitting descriptor for this guy. Demented, psychotic, maniacal, and perverse come closer. Liv got an epic introduction to the Utopium drug lord of Seattle in the most bone-chilling way possible, but I'm actually more concerned about Peyton's future with him.

Peyton: Are you threatening me?
Mr. Boss: Gosh, no!

We just got her back, and now she's right in the path of a mad-man. Not good!

Finally, Blaine's father made another fantastic appearance, complete with the worst revelation of all time: He knows Blaine is human, and he's perfectly fine exhorting that fact. This relationship has got to be my favorite development of the new season. The weird familial bond between Blaine and Angus is completely mired in antagonistic loathing and heartless disregard, which makes it impossible to look away.

Now that Angus is on ice, we might have to wait a while to see him and Blaine have another sarcastic sparring match, but that's what keeps us coming back for more, right?

Angus: Cronus, king of the Titans, ruled the universe. A prophecy said he'd be overthrown by his son. Each time his wife produced one, he'd kill it. Know how?
Blaine: Bored them to death?

If you, like me, thought Blaine's grandpa was going to open up a window into his wounded soul... well we can't always be right, can we? His drunk little tirade with Liv did show us a more insecure, vulnerable side of him, but Blaine is one villain who will not be redeemed easily.

On the plus side, if you thought Blaine was multi-dimensional and fascinating before, then this season has completely kicked it up a notch. 

Other Thoughts:

  • Major has started trying to cover his tracks, but I can't help but think it's only going to get him into more trouble.
  • Can Liv teach a master chef class? She makes brains look yummy in every meal.
  • I no longer think Blaine is a good romantic option for Peyton. Grandpa killers don't make good boyfriends.
  • If you haven't watched last week's Ravi/Blaine wrestling match in the morgue at least 20 times, you're not doing it right. 

Remember you can always watch iZombie online via TV Fanatic to catch up on missed episodes! 

Max Wager Review

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Babineaux: Nothing heroic about not getting shot.
Ravi: Did you soil yourself?
Babineaux: No.
Ravi: Then it's heroic in my book.

Ravi: It won't always be this nauseating, right?
Major: Suffer, bitch.