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Ravi tells Liv and Major the bad news that the zombie rat, New Hope, has reverted back to zombie form and Ravi is certain it will happen to Major and Blaine. Ravi thinks he can make another cure if they find the tainted Utopium.

A dead man dressed as Santa comes into the morgue. Clive is still shutting Liv out of his investigations, which is hard for Liv but she still eats the Santa brain and helps Clive anyway. Major gives Liv the DVD set of her favorite show, "Zombie High."

On the set of "Zombie High," the prop gun was actually loaded and one of the actors, Jordan, is shot dead. Liv and Ravi are called in and see Clive at the scene. Liv tries again to help, and Clive gives in.

Major trains Vaughn at the Max Rager gym. Major pumps his ego and gives him a fitness arm band to wear. 

While doing the autopsy,they notice Jordan's "Never Forget" tattoo that was in the process of being removed. 

Clive and Liv investigate the set of "Zombie High" and speak to the cast and crew. They learn that Jordan was hard to work with. They speak an actor who also has a "Never Forget" tattoo and he tells them that everyone got that tattoo after the death of Assistant Director, Jenny. 

Jenny got into a car accident and people blame Jordan, because he was always making everyone work too late and she was driving home after staying up all night shooting. 

A doctor at Max Rager gives Major a key and says that he is going to the press. Major gives the key to Vaughn and Vaughn takes him down to the basement lab. Vaughn was just testing Major and he passed. 

Liv has a vision of the dead Assistant Director's headstone in Jordan's car which leads them to think Jordan's murder was in retaliation for Jenny's death. They bring in Jenny's husband and he tells them about his wife's affair with FItz, the prop master. Liv and Clive trick Fitz into confessing to Jordan's murder. 

The fit band that Major gave Vaughn is actually a microphone and Major has been listening to him. 

FBI Agent Bozzio drops by Blaine's and questions him about the missing rich people. After, she sees sketches of Blaine on Clive's desk from the Meat Cute Massacre and they think that Blaine was responsible for it all. 


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