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A masked vigilante saves a woman being mugged in an alley, but the next morning he is discovered dead in a dumpster. 

Major and Liv fight about the texts she sent to Gilda, but Ravi ends the fight before they can, when they're called in to work. Ravi is excited at the prospect of a vigilante, but Liv thinks it's stupid. 

At a bar, Major hits on a potential zombie to confirm she's a target. 

Liv begins experiencing "justice" themed personality shifts, when she runs into Mr. Boss during their investigation. She has a vision of another superhero, Hashtag, attacking The Fog. 

Don. E brings a mysterious dying man named Drake to Blaine's office. Blaine rushes him to Liv and Ravi and tells him that he's the last person who knows where to find the original tainted utopium. He begs them to save Drake's life. Liv can't save him medically, so she scratches him and turns him into a zombie. 

Babineaux and Liv interview other superheroes, who tell them that The Fog knew about a major gun shipment Mr. Boss was brining into the city. Later, they find the body of on of the muggers. 

Drake reveals to Liv and Ravi that he knew a tainted Utopium dealer who was killed and buried with a supply of the drugs inside him.

Liv has a vision of the illegals guns and suits up to raid the warehouse on her own. 

Major attacks his next target, Natalie, just as she's about to kill herself. He stops her from shooting herself in the head. Natalie explains that she was a high priced call girl that Blaine turned into a zombie hooker. She hates her zombie life so much that she wants to commit suicide. He confides in Natalie about his entire zombie killing life.

When Babineaux finds the second mugger, he discovers that the woman The Fog saved had robbed Mr. Boss, and she killed her hero when he found her stolen goods. Mr. Boss killed the mugger for his failure.

Liv rescues their murderer, not knowing how dangerous she is. When she tries to kill Liv, Mr. Boss steps in a saves the day. 

Natalie goes into Major's zombie freezer voluntarily with the condition that Major not wake her up if the zombie cure doesn't happen. 

Mr. Boss says he's not pressing charges against Liv for trespassing, and when he leaves the station, Drake is waiting for him. 

Clive tells Liv that he won't work with her anymore after her disregard for the law. 

Liv breaks up with Major after they get into another fight about which brains she's on. 

At the morgue, Ravi realizes the rat he cured had reverted to zombie form, meaning Blaine and Major will revert soon as well. 

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Dammit Don. E, I'm a brain dealer not a doctor!


Major: You should have been able to see from your snooping that I haven't texted her since you and I got back together.
Liv: How do I know you didn't call her from a landline?