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Ravi doesn't manage to talk Harley down but Harley doesn't shoot Ravi, and instead, he proceeds to tortureDo E. Liv and Blaine come in. Rachel is afraid and takes off.

Chase and the army show up and two of the zombie truthers go down in a hail of bullets. Harley gets away. Blaine, Don E, and Liv eat the brain of one of the zombie truthers. Blaine and Don E end up helping Liv and Clive because Liv, Blaine, and Don E are sharing visions. 

They find out that Harley has a secret compound. They also find the weapons used to kill Wally and the hit for Baracus.

Peyton works the Weckler case. She finds a key to a safety deposit box. She convinces Wecklers daughter Tatum, to take her, and she finds the memory card recording the murder and whomever Weckler called. She also figures out Weckler's daughter is a zombie, and that Baracus may have been behind turning the girl to get weckler to do his bidding, then having Weckler killed. 

When they figure out that Baracus may be behind Wecklers death, it's too late because he has already won mayor.

Liv finds Shawna's tumbler page where she posted her and Major's private moments. He confronts her and she tells him she did it for him. She wanted him to move past being a hermit and hiding out. He's still upset that Rachel visited Ravi to check on him and freaked out when she found out Major was the Chaos Killer.

Major breaks up with Shawna.

Chase and the army head to Harley's compound but Harley figured out that he was bugged so he sent therm there as a trap. They lost two soldiers. Major celebrated their lives with the other zombies and Chase.

Liv and Clive manage to track down Harley. They found the ballistics matched his guns and that he may have killed Wally. When they find him, he shoots at them, and Clive shoots him. Liv finds out that Harley didn't kill Wally. She has a vision of Harley being outside the house in the car and hearing gunshots.

Harley wakes up. He's a zombie.

Ravi tells Rachel about Major and zombies. It's revealed that she is a reporter. Another persn says something hinky is going on with a virus at the CDC. 

The story is front page about zombies with Liv's face on the cover.

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Blaine: Hey, my rage wore off. I need you to zap me so I can tear down this gate.
Liv: With pleasure.
Ravi: Liv, please. Can I?

They're killing machines you dumb sonuvabitch. Those things killed my brother. They'll kill us all!