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Major gets stabbed multiple times on a rescue mission. His health takes a bad turn. Eventually, Justine finds him collapsed in the locker room. Major tells Justin to take him to the morgue. Liv gives Major something to help him heal faster before she can give him the cure.

Justin overhears it all but we don't know if anything will come from it.

Major rests up at home with Ravi and Liv keeping watch. Liv sends an exhausted Ravi to bed. She and Major talk about the first time they met and Major makes Liv promise to remind him of what their relationship was like. He tells her how much he cares about her and they spend one last night together. When Major wakes up, Ravi and Liv are by his side before giving him the cure.

Liv consumes the brain of a dominatrix in order to find out the client list. Johnny the weatherman and Stone the lawyer are among her clients, along with the zombie running for mayor. The victim recorded her sessions and someone used it to blackmail her clients, then he killed her.

Cavanaugh confronts Liv and Clive about investigating the Wally murder and interviewing Harley. Liv arranges for Vivian to interview Harley and bug his car. He rants about killing zombies and knowing the truth.

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Clive: We need visions, Liv.
Ravi: I'll get the frying pan.

Justin: You okay, man?
Major: Yeah, just a flesh wound. Thirty-five flesh wounds.