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Major celebrates being human again by eating all the food that he couldn't eat as a zombie. Which is mostly ice cream. He has forgotten about a high school coach and Minor but hasn't shown any other signs of memory loss. Ravi and Liv decide to take shifts watching him to make sure he doesn't lose his memory.

Liv eats the brain of a narcissist who can best be described as a hot mess. She's found dead in her bathtub. The list of suspects includes her mousy roommate, her colleague who was in love with her and covered for her at work, and the woman who was caught on camera slapping her at the store. 

It turns out the victim, Ivonne, deejayed at a club and slept with the owner, and his wife slapped her after confronting her. After a vision of a pawn shop, Liv figured out that Ivonne had pawned her roommate's baseball, and her roommate finally snapped and killed her.

Blaine and Peyton are still in new couple bliss and Blaine is still staying with Peyton and Liv. 

Don E shows up at the morgue after a customer approached him offering to pay a million dollars for a cure. Don E wants to split the money with Ravi but Ravi said no, citing the memory loss. Don E tells Ravi that Blaine is faking the amnesia.

Ravi tells Peyton about it, but Peyton gets upset with him and basically accuses him of being jealous and says that Don E is unreliable. Peyton has dinner with Blaine and confronts him about it. At first, he denies it, but after she lies and tells him that she wouldn't care either way because she's happy with him now, he confesses.  He tells her that his memories slowly faded away and then came back. She lashes out and kicks him out.

Major heads to see his mother and his mother's girlfriend after he has trouble writing personal letters for them in case his memory goes. He forgets where he is at first. Ravi and Liv freak out when they can't find him. 

Peyton tells them that Blaine lied and that the cure works. Liv and Ravi get excited because she can finally be human again. Ravi finds out that someone has stolen the cure from his lab. He then remembers that he gave Major an extra dose. the others get excited again until Major returns and tells them that he no longer has it (because he gave it to Natalie).

Blaine is shown trying to piece together the cure based on print-out Liv left behind.

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Peyton: Wait, Major took the cure? Well, how's his memory?
Liv: So far so good, but it's early.

OK, I'm glad you're human and are again able to experience the concept of flavor, but can you at least dial down the noises.