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Isobel is talking to her mother when her mother notices that she has a bloody nose. She gets off the phone with her mom and pretends that she has passed out scaring Ravi, Liv, and Peyton. 

Clive comes in with a new body. He's sick because he didn't get the flu shot. 

Forty percent of the brains aren't making it to the distribution centers. Chase proposes high tech crates to ship the brains in. He puts Major in charge of making the switch, and they're very expensive. 

Don E wants to record Angus and broadcast it everywhere as zombie mega church situation. 

Dale's partner wants to watch the video of Liv beating up a suspect with the fish again, but Dale plays it too soon and overhears the conversation Clive and Liv have about Michelle and his relationship with Dale. 

Clive and Liv interview Sheila, the woman their victim was imitating. She didn't like his impression, but she didn't kill him. Liv has a vision of the victim still dressed in drag getting hit on by a sports player who threatened him when he found out that he was really a guy. 

Ravi has dinner with Peyton's parents. Her father is anti-zombie and keeps giving Ravi backhanded compliments while bringing up Peyton's ex. Ravi tells him to knock it off.

Peyton is supposed to be headed to DC for a meeting. Her parents tell her that once she gets to DC she should stay there because a faction wants the humans and zombies to fight it out because of the limited brains, and there is talk about nuking the city. Ravi agrees.

Dale breaks up with Clive, and she tells him that she met someone else. 

They talk to the guy who hit on their victim. He tells them on someone else who got into it with their victim. Liv is grossed out because everyone including Clive keeps coughing and sneezing and she's on germaphobe brain. 

Isobel plays dead again. Ravi lectures her about it. 

Ravi asks her what she wants from him. She tells him she wants to learn how to drive, and he agrees.

Angus' speech inciting zombie violence against Fillmore Graves and humans blows up on the internet and may be encouraging other zombies. 

Peyton lives for her trip, and is upset because the speech about living in harmony is ruined with Angus blowing up on the internet and all over. Liv and Ravi treat her as though she won't be returning. 

Isobel tells Liv that she wants Liv to have her brain instead of the processing plant because she wants her memories to live on for a little while. 

They figured out that the zombie stooge killed their victim, and the FG inspector comes in to escort him back so he can be frozen. He was married to the woman who was being made fun of so he killed him. 

Liv gets a text from Levon that the papers for the new arrivals didn't make it through. 

Liv poses as Peyton Charles to get to Suziki and the new arrival. She's mobbed by people thinking she's the mayor.

Major is dragged into the operation with Russ and the gangbanger. He's given the blue brain to see if he's telling the truth. 

Major answers truthfully to everything, but it's OK because it was part of his plan. The rest of the soldiers swoop in on everyone. Major had swallowed a tracking device before coming. 

Liv brings Isobel's mom back to the house. 

Chase celebrates recovering brains and catching the culprits. Chase congratulates Major. 

Russ escaped. He got ahold of Jordan's weapon. Major promises to take care of it. Chase shoots Jordan as punishment, and Captain Seattle shoots Chase back to defend her. Chase shoots him in the heads.

Everyone looks at Chase horrified. 

Someone comes in to shoot Angus, but Tucker protects him. It was Tucker's friend. The horde of zombies attacks him. 

Ravi comes to take Isobel driving, but she died. He pleads with her to wake up but she doesn't. Levon shows them a video of Isobel thanking Liv and Ravi and telling them that she loves them. 



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iZombie Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Liv: Man, she has pretty big hair.
Ravi: And a pretty big penis.

Liv: It sounds like someone didn't get his flu shot.
Clive: And maybe turn into a werewolf? No thanks.