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Jane and Michael both prepare for upcoming changes. Michael is about to take his LSAT, and Jane is interviewing for a publishing assistant job. She ends up securing the job when she figures out the manuscript she was tasked with doing coverage for is a fraud. Michael nerves start to get the better of him, and Jane tells him that she may be pregnant after being five days late for her period. She isn't pregnant, but the prospect of another child makes them eager to move up their timeline. Jane takes Michael to the carnival where they went when they first started dating. When Michael is at his test, he ends up collapsing and passing away due to complications from his gunshot wound. After Jane receives the devastating phone call, the narrative picks up three years later where Jane is getting ready to attend a wedding when an older Mateo comes in the room.

Elsewhere in the episode, Scott and Anezka reveal they have the addendum to Rafael's father's will, and they plan to use it to blackmail Rafael and Petra. Rafael finds out from his lawyer that there will be no plea deal for his fixing the books to cover up his father's art theft. Rafael decides he would rather go to jail and come out with a clean slate than have his children learn his bad behaviors. Petra freaks out at first about being left to take care of their daughters, but realizes she is capable. 

Darci wants Rogelio to team up with her to expand her reality show, but he isn't interested. Later, Rogelio freaks out when his nude scene is cut from the film, and he lashes out at Darci and gets caught on camera during his tirade. It quickly goes viral and sees how cruel he was toward Darci. They make up and he says he wants to team up for her reality show. 

Jane and Bruce's daughter bond a little at dinner. Later on, she shows up drunk at Jane's home. She brings her back to Xo's where they chase her around. Bruce is furious at his daughter, but Xo tells him to talk to her. This earns Xo points in the daughter's book. 

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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

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